Hello friends. Artem is here.

Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!
In November you helped us with $3930
The total amount spent in November was $6850

I would like to personally thank Joseph from California, who responded to my call and helped us with the purchase of the car.
Joseph helped us out with $2,000 in a one-time payment. Joseph, you are awesome!

Now many have war weariness, and it's getting harder and harder for us to collect donations, but thanks to the fact that you respond to my call, we manage to raise the amount for serious purchases.

Last month I wrote to you that we have big problems with electricity. The ruzzians are destroying our energy infrastructure, hoping that we will beg for mercy. Fools!
It is better to let the whole of Ukraine make noise of gasoline generators than we will listen to the footsteps of the soles of the Russian invaders.

During this month, there was one attempt of a massive missile strike across Ukraine, but out of 70 missiles, we managed to shoot down about 60, which is already a good result. For this, we thank all of you and your countries for helping us with missile defense systems. And especially our military, who shoot down these killing machines.

The ruzzians realized that it was difficult for them to hit objects inside the country, so they began to actively destroy the infrastructure of cities close to them.
Now the port city of Odessa is under attack. Citizens sit for days without electricity and heating.
Terrorussians attack Odessa from the seaside with Iranian Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. They are difficult to detect, they fly low, they are cheap, but they cause great damage to energy systems.

But we are warmed by the thought that all these are only temporary difficulties. Our task is to continue to help the military on the front line, to provide them with everything they need.

The war has been going on for almost 10 months.
And it seems to us that we have already lived through more than half, the worst half of this war.

Thank you all very much.

What we did in November?
1. Our biggest purchase was a car - Chrysler Voyager. We added half for its purchase - 3000$.
2. Starlink station for internet and gasoline generator for power
3. Drone Dji Mavic 3. It's very important to have eyes in the sky!
4. Also for the rest we bought wrubber boots.

What are we planning to do in December?
1. Major purchase of the month should be night vision .
2. We have already ordered new supply of rubber winter boots - 35pcs
3. If we will have additional finances left, we will find a use for them.

Slava Ukraini!


Foundation results up to the end of November:

Your donations through our website
November 2022: 131 donations in the amount of $3,930
Total: 420 donations for $12,600

Total foundation results:
November 2022
: $6,850
: $60,600