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Brand: HADmodels Model: HAD-72271
Manufacturer: HAD Models (Hungary)Material: DecalScale: 1:72Condition: NewThe kit contains a water-stick decal sheet designed exclusively for model ki..
Brand: USCP Model: USCP-24T063
Manufacturer: USCP (Ukraine)Material: ResinScale: 1:24Condition: NewResin cast + 3D print + PE kit of engine and engine bay for D.Modelkit DMK-001, DM..
Brand: USCP Model: USCP-24T061
Manufacturer: USCP (Ukraine)Material: ResinScale: 1:24Condition: NewInterior detail-up parts for Nissan Silvia S14/240SX (both early and late type ver..
Brand: USCP Model: USCP-24A074
Manufacturer: USCP (Ukraine)Material: ResinScale: 1:24Condition: NewFor Hasegawa Delta Integrale any version..
Brand: USCP Model: USCP-24A073
Manufacturer: USCP (Ukraine)Material: ResinScale: 1:24Condition: NewFor Hasegawa Delta Integrale any version..
Brand: Quickboost Model: QB72557
Manufacturer: QuickboostMaterial: PlasticScale: 1:72Condition: New..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35164
101 light company US paratroopers and British tankman 1944 1/35 scale plastic model kit Master Box 35164     Manufacturer:..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35223
Manufacturer: Master Box (Ukraine)Code: 35223Scale: 1/35Material: PlasticPaint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain pa..
Brand: ICM Model: ICM72140
Manufacturer: ICM (Ukraine)Serial number: 72140Scale: 1:72Material: High Quality PlasticKit description: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain pa..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35137
German Infantry on the march, WW II era 6 figures 1/35  scale plastic model kit Master Box 35137 Manufacturer: Master Box (Ukraine) Scale: 1..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35130
"Move, move, move!!!" US Soldiers, Operation Overlord period, 1944 1/35  scale plastic model kit Master Box 35130 Manufacturer: Master Box (Uk..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35162
German Military Bicycle, WWII era 1/35  scale plastic model kit Master Box 35165 Manufacturer: Master Box (Ukraine) Scale: 1/35 Mater..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35157
US and German paratroopers, the South of Europe 1/35  scale plastic model kit Master Box 35157 Manufacturer: Master Box (Ukraine) Scale: 1/3..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB3561
Rommel and German Tank Crew, DAK 1/35 figures scale plastic model kit Master Box 3561   Released: july 2011 Manufacturer: Master Box (..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB3578
France 1944 US Paratroopers & Civilians 1/35 figures scale plastic model kit Master Box 3578   Released: March 2011   ..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35183
PRETTY, NICE, US SEXY GIRLS “Pin-Up” 6 fig. 1/35 WWII scale plastic model kit Master Box 35183   Manufacturer: Maste..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB3588
Citizentry. Citizens. Civilians East European 1/35 figures scale plastic model kit Master Box 3588   Released: January 2011 Manufactur..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35178
Manufacturer: Master Box 35178 Scale: 1/35 Figures : 4 Model kit do not contain any paints, glues and tools. It is not assembled and no..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB3548F
"Kradschutzen: German Motorcycle Troops on the Move" 1/35 WWII scale plastic model kit Master Box 3548F   February 2010 Release   ..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB3550
8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment  1/35 scale plastic model kit Master Box 3550 Manufacturer: Master Box (Ukraine) Scale: 1/35 Material:..
Brand: ICM Model: ICM48310
Manufacturer: ICM Models (Ukraine)Scale: 1/48Material: PlasticPaint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.Condition: New in Box..
Brand: CAT4 Model: CAT4-R48052
Manufacturer: CAT4 (Ukraine)Code: R48052Scale: 1/48Material: ResinPaint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.Condition: New in ..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB35163
US Special Forces with a Taliban prisoner. Somewhere in the Middle East. Present day 5fig.  1/35  scale plastic model kit Master Box 35163 Rel..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB3574
TAKE ONE MORE GRENADE! SCREAMING EAGLES, 101ST AIRBORNE (AIR ASSAULT) DIVISION, EUROPE, 1944-1945 1/35  scale plastic model kit Master Box 3581 ..
Brand: Master Box Model: MB3564
Commonwealth AFV crew English troops in SsNorthern Africa 1/35 WWII scale plastic model kit Master Box 3564 7 figures + 1 camel Manufactur..


We proud to offer best Ukrainian brand of plastic figures. Perfect scenes in 1/24 and 1/35 scales. World War series, modern wars, fantasy,  zombie and post-apocalyptic series 

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We always try to get newest product for sale faster than others. And we usual offering better prices. Welcome to order. Is the Online Shop for Plastic Model Kits

There used to be momentous events in history that we wish we could experience before our eyes. But we can't do that. This is where dioramas come into play. 

Dioramas are simply models that depict a historical point in time. It does not have to be of a specific historical period. It could also be anything else. For example, you can create a diorama of a jungle, ocean, or forest. However, there are numerous items required to construct a diorama. A diorama requires plastic models, decals, aftermarket products, a diorama base, and other materials. To help you with everything that’s needed to make a perfect diorama, Plastic-Models-Store enters the picture.

We offer everything you need to create a diorama in our store. We even have plastic hobby model kits from various historical periods. As a result, our store offers a one-stop shop for everything you need to assemble a diorama.

Product Quality at

We offer products of the best quality in the market. All the items are replicas of military and other equipment that existed at different times. The plastic models in our plastic model store are of superb quality, emphasizing the minute details manufactured by the most prominent brands in the industry. These products are made to look precisely the same as actual real-life objects. 

If you want to add stones or flowers to make your diorama look better, we have those too. All-in-all we have everything you need to make your diorama look realistic. 

Product Categories

We have a large category of products to help you with your dioramas. Let's discuss all of the categories one by one: 


At, we have all the fighter plane model kits that you won't easily get anywhere else. We also have WWII aircraft models. 

We have a WWII German landing glider, an Arctic Cobra US helicopter, a Soviet Yak-9T, and so on. All of these air models are replicas of the originals. These models are useful if you intend to build an air-base diorama.


If you are a modeler who wants to build a military diorama, then this section is for you. We have a large collection of armored vehicles, including trucks, cars, tanks, and fixed-mount guns, in this category. This category also has models from ancient times, WWII, etc. They are made with such great quality that if you take a picture of them and zoom in, others might be confused by thinking that they are the actual models. 


When we talk about a war field diorama, what is the main part of it? The soldiers. Well, in this category, we have various figures for you. You can find everything like a marine crew, an army of ice, German Panzerjaggers, Greco-Persian soldiers, etc. Adding such figures to your diorama will make your diorama look amazing and authentic. 


What if you want to create a diorama of an old city? You will need vintage cars, trucks, etc. In this category, we have amazingly manufactured trucks, cars, and motors. You will get your hands on German vehicle kits, French plastic model truck kits, US military truck kits, and much more. 


In the previous category, we talked about building a city, and the name itself tells us that you will need building model kits to make it look like a city for sure. So, in this category, you get kits for building. You get models like road signs, toilet seats, table-chair sets, German gas stations, and a lot more. Visit this section to have a look at other amazing kits. 


When you want to add a railway track and some ancient trains to those tracks, this is the category you would want to visit. This section will give you access to the trains from different times, like the ones from the Soviet era, etc. These train models look fabulous and very realistic as well. 


Imagine a diorama of warships in the ocean, and then imagine the warship models you will need for building that. In our fleet category, you get all those models. They are carefully manufactured to give you a chance to relive the historical war scenes in the ocean.


Many armies like to add decals to their helicopters, fighter jets, and their trucks. These decals can be anything, for example, a Nazi logo. If you want to add such decals to your models, then this is the category where you need to be. 


The aftermarket category is basically about the products that will modify your models. You get all types of stickers, paints, modified parts, etc., on this page. They are like decals but much more advanced. If you want to modify the look of your vehicle models, then this is the best category to shop from. 

Top-Notch Manufacturers only has one aim, which is to provide you with the highest quality models and other diorama kits. To make it a possibility, all the manufacturers in our store are some of the greatest in the market.

Our store is Ukraine-based and we get access to all the latest launches before anyone else; our manufacturers are from Ukraine as well. Our warehouse is in Ukraine, which is where we keep all our products under fantastic conditions. We have manufacturers like Reskit, Hobby Boss, Hasegawa, ICM, Zvezda, Combrig, Micro-Mir, Eastern Express, etc.

Shipping and Payment

Our shipping and payment policies are made to benefit all our customers. We intend to provide our products to all modelers regardless of where you’re located, and that is why we ship worldwide. We promise to ship your order safely and fast. All our products are shipped via airmail facility, and they will reach you in around 10-21 days. We also accept all kinds of credit cards and payments through PayPal to make the process of payment easy for you. For more information about this policy, visit our shipping and payment page.

If you want to build an amazing diorama, then what are you waiting for? Shop at, where we have everything you will ever need to build it. We promise to deliver the exact items that you see in the pictures on our website.