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We are happy to greet you in plastic-models-store.com!
Plastic-models-store.com is a reputable store specialized on selling plastic models online.
We present the most popular brands of plastic models kits in our store: Miniart, Master Box, Roden, ICM and Zvezda. 
But in our plastic model store you can see more than 5500 scale model kits produced at over 60 manufactories.
We try to work with the local manufacturers mostly, so we are the first who get all the new releases and can sell them for reasonable price!
If you compare our prices, you will notice that our prices for plastic model kits online are lower than in other online shops because our plastic model store is the first store that deals with most manufacturers.

If you purchase from our store, you don’t have to pay for additional taxes, customs, and government charges that are usually included in the prices of other online plastic model shops.
Payment: You can pay via PayPal or Credit Cards from any part of the world
Shipping: We will ship your preferable item from Ukraine by Registered AirMail Package with ordered tracking number in 2 days after we will receive your payment. Shipping will take approximately 14 days worldwide

Today plastic modeling is popular among both young boys and male adults. There are a lot of children who like playing war games and making kits by their own hands and imagination. Adults, even old people, buy scale model kits for assembling large collections and enjoying the scenes of real battles that could be revived before them and their guests.

It’s so easy nowadays to do shopping – internet is full of online stores, and plastic model shop is not an exception. Modelers from all over the world can easily visit our store – plastic-models-store.com – and buy any plastic models online.

Usually modelers are former military men, for whom it’s very difficult to forget their military life and they feel happy when it’s possible, for instance, to recreate the real airplanes they flew in, warships they sailed in, tanks they warred in, and so on. Fantastic dioramas – large landscape scenes – are usually built around one or more scale plastic models. 

You can order any plastic model kits online for your beloved soldiers from our plastic-models-store.com! We have a variety of models and you will, no doubt, find a suitable one!  

All our presented scale plastic models are designed in accordance to a well-established scale. With the help of scaling modelers can create finished models of reasonable sizes. Here is the list of the most common scales for popular scale model kits:

1.    Aircrafts can be: 1/24, 1/32, 1/44, 1/48, and 1/72, with the last scales being extremely popular.

2.    Military vehicles can be: 1/35 (48, 72, and 76).

3.    Automobiles - 1/12 (16, 18, 20, 24, 25, 32, 35, and 43).

4.    Ships - 1/96 (200, 350, 450, 700) and some other scales.  

Plastic-models-store.com is one of the most popular plastic model shops on internet! Introduce your boys, your future defenders not to useless computer games, but to creative modeling of their own handy-made military vehicles! Choose one of the thousands plastic models kits online on plastic-models-store.com!

Enrich your friend’s, father’s, brother’s or dad’s collection with one of our scale model kits!