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We, at, offer a wide range of plastic model airplane kits and accessories. Our collection includes models from different times, all of which offer unmatched quality. When we talk about plastic models, small details and historical accuracy play an important role. Experienced hobbyists want their plastic models to look exactly like the original aircraft flown by legendary pilots. The plastic model kits available on our web store do an outstanding job in this area, making them worth the investment. You should always check out the pictures of the original aircraft before assembling the plastic model. You should check every little detail of the aircraft and read the assembly instructions carefully to do the job effectively. Moreover, you should collect all required materials, including glue and paint. Your plastic model will look good and authentic only if you do the assembly part right. Experienced modelers can do the job easily and enjoy the process. Things may be a bit challenging if you are a new player, but you can build the plastic model effectively if you stay patient and follow every step carefully. We have suitable kits for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. Some kits in our store are easy to assemble, and some require more effort. You can pick a suitable option depending upon your level of experience.

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On, you will find hundreds of planes model kits and accessories to choose from, and you will have options in different price ranges. To find the desired option quickly, you can choose the subcategory, brand, and scale depending upon your requirements. Several popular brands are available on our list, including Eastern Express, Hobby Boss, and Miniart. We also keep adding new models to the list from time to time to keep things up to date for our customers. If you are buying a scale model aircraft for the first time, it may be hard for you to calculate its size. To calculate the model’s size, you should check the length of the original aircraft and divide it by the scale. If an aircraft is 50 meters long and you get a 0.5 scale model, it will be 100 centimeters long. You can also buy aircraft upgrade accessories to make your plastic model look even more eye-catching and realistic. Making modifications can be fun, but you shouldn’t add anything that makes the aircraft look unauthentic. To check more details of the desired model, you can read its description and specifications. You will find every important detail in these sections, including the manufacturer, material, and scale. You can also check the payment, shipping, and return information before making the payment and placing an order.

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Many of our plastic model kits are in high demand, and you can also add them to your collection. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and we don’t add any misleading information in the description or specification sections of the products. You will get all the promised items in the kit, and you can return a product if you don’t like it. You can also contact our support team if you need any help while placing an order or returning an item. Order your favorite kit/kits today and get your hands on the legendary aircraft.

Brand: Amodel Model: AMO72224
Manufacturer: AmodelSerial number: 72224Scale: 1:72Material: PlasticKit description: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glueCondition: New in Box  Good quality kit, easy to assemble. Suitable for both experienced modellers and beginners.Model length, mm: 157An-14 "Bee" (..