Hello friends.
Artem is here as usual!

I will never get tired of thanking the people who joined and sent us such important donations!

August 2023 RESULTS
You donated through our website $2100
In total, our foundation was able to collect and spend $11.600

First I will share a short video with you.
The flag of Ukraine rises above the villages - which means we are moving forward.
If you have a goal, you don't see obstacles.

Well, autumn has come.
Last month there were a lot of pleasant events for Ukrainians.

Offensive progress
Our army, although slowly, finally passed the most difficult first line of russian defense.
This is very good news because the first line was so heavily mined that progress was simply impossible.
Before Akhil’s injury, my second cousin talked about the incredible density of mining.
By the way, he will have surgery on Friday. He found a clinic in Ukraine that will be reattaching the tendon.

The good news is that democratic countries have agreed to help us with F-16 fighters.
The Dutch were the first!
Thank you! After the russians shot down the MH-17 passenger plane with almost two hundred Dutch on board in 2014, the essence of this murderous regime you know like no one else.
Now our guys on the ground will have air support. All that remains is to wait for this moment.

Mi-8 kidnapping
On August 23, a russian helicopter pilot flew his brand-new MI-8 to Ukraine.
He was against this war and flew to Ukraine in his helicopter, which was filled with aircraft spare parts. This is a historical event!
Now his name will be written in history, and his account will be replenished with 500 thousand dollars. Smart Boy!

Hooray! Putin killed Prigozhin. Have you been waiting for this? Everyone was waiting!
And the method he chose only emphasizes and convinces us all how cannibalistic the regime in terrorussia is.
After all, they don't even disguise themselves.
They spectacularly shoot down a passenger plane (again?), killing the innocent pilots, flight attendants and other people on board.
And no one doubts that this is Putin’s personal revenge.

But you could have poisoned him the old-fashioned way with Novichok poison, and then say that Prigozhin drank a lot of vodka and died of liver failure.
No one from the civilized world can't check that.
But no. It was necessary to arrange a demonstration execution! So that own people would be afraid!

And there is no longer any talk of masquerading as a democrat, as he did all the years before.
He doesn't care anymore. He doesn't need normal friends.
This is probably why the North Korean madman Kim Jong-in arrived in Moscow today for a visit.
I hope at the one-on-one meeting they took out their toys and played with nuclear toy missiles together.

Independence day
Well, the most important news of August is that Ukraine celebrated its 32nd year of independence.
For 32 years we have been independent from russia and for all 32 years, we have been fighting with it.
These crazy people can’t forgive that Ukrainians don’t want to be friends with them anymore. Well, who wants to be friends with a bully?
According to the good old "soviet" tradition, on this day there was a military parade on the main square of Ukraine - a parade of destroyed Russian military equipment.

Well, now a little about the results of our fund.
The most important purchase of August is a drone with a thermal imager.
Unfortunately, after China restricted the sale of drones and components, drone prices have increased.
Before that, we bought a DJI Mavic 3T for 5800$, but now it costs us 6550$.
But a couple of days after payment, the store returned 200$ to us as a discount. So this money will be spent in September.

Also, the car that we planned to buy in August was moved to September and you will see it in the next report.

Our humanitarian aid fund brunch continued to help refugees in Kherson.
We bought a Refrigerator for Blood Maternity Hospital, test tubes, 10 tons of briquettes for heating, and more.
You can find more about the humanitarian thread here 

And of course, I will never stop thanking all of you, my friends.
You are our rear. And we are your wall, protecting you from Mordor. The orcs will not break free.

By the way, did you know that the sunflower harvest in Ukraine in 2023 will be 25% higher than in 2022?
As one Russian propagandist said: Coincidence? I don't think so!

Well, in the end, I will share a little news about our store.

This month, I'm excited to introduce two more new brands in our store:
1. Eureka XXL - Polish brand that produces towing cables, wires, aluminum ammo and boxes, diorama accessories etc
2. Model Scene - diorama upgrades - trees, grass, and a lot of outdoor additions to your diorama

Thank you, friends, see you next month. 

Slava Ukraini!

What did we do in August 2023?
1. Drone DJI Mavic 3T with a thermal vision - 6500$ worth
2. Humanitarian aid and medical aid (check table below)

What are we planning to do in September 2023?
1. Car for soldiers - 5000-7000$ worth. But I guess we will get 2.
2. Anti thermal imaging ponchos
3. We are preparing for winter


Foundation results up to the end of August 2023:

(your help through our website)
 (including website donations)
MARCH-JUNE 20222.280$ (76 donations)31.750$
JULY 20221.290$ (43 donations)4.300$
AUGUST 20221.320$ (44 donations)4.200$
SEPTEMBER 20221.500$ (50 donations)6.100$
OCTOBER 20222.280$ (76 donations)6.600$
NOVEMBER 20223.930$ (131 donations)6.850$
DECEMBER 20221.650$ (55 donations)3.327$
JANUARY 20232.070$ (69 donations)9.720$
FEBRUARY 20231.470$ (49 donations)7.250$
MARCH 20235.520$ (184 donations)8.800$
APRIL 20232.280$ (76 donations)20.800$
MAY 20232.310$ (77 donations)5.700$
JUNE 20232.400$ (80 donations)76.300$
JULY 20232.400$ (80 donations)13.200$
AUGUST 20232.100$ (70 donations)11.600$
(starting April 2022)
34.800$ (1160 donations)216.500$

All photos you can find on the top of the right column!

Below you can find what we bought on August 2023: