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Railway Model Kits

Train model kits are a super manner to get into the interest of railroading. There are a number of exceptional kits to be had, from those who depict actual-existence trains to those who assist you to create your personal fantastical worlds. No matter what your interests or level of experience may be, there certainly is a railway shipping model kit that is perfect for you.

At, we stock an extensive type of railway transport model kits, along with each plastic and wood models. We also have an extensive range of diorama accessories and materials, so you can create the ideal scene to your model train. Whether you are simply beginning out or you're a seasoned pro, we have everything you want to create the ideal plastic railway diorama model kits.

Railroad modelers have cherished plastic train model kits since their appearance in the 1940s. Nowadays, there are more types and brands of plastic model trains than ever before.

So, which one is proper for you?

The first selection you'll need to make whilst deciding on a plastic train model kit is the choosing of scale. Enlarged models are created according to certain proportions, which may vary depending on the brand and type of model.

Once you've decided on the size of your model, you need to pick out a brand. All major manufacturers have their own unique styles, so it's crucial to select one which you like.

No matter what your level of experience or interests, there is a plastic train model kit that is best for you!

The best part about building model trains is that there is no wrong way to do it.You can follow the instructions that come with the kit, or you can go your own way and do something unique. The sky's the limit with regards to constructing model trains, so have fun and permit your creativity to run wild!

Railway model kits are an incredible manner to get commenced within the hobby plastic model kits. You can discover a huge range of various varieties of railway transport models, from locomotives to to passenger and freight cars in plastic model store. Many modelers begin with railway model kits after which branch out into different types of plastic models. Railway transport models are the best way to learn about the distinct components of a train and how all of them interact.

Brand: UMmt Model: UMT696
Product code: UMT696Manufacturer: UMTCountry of origin: UkraineScale: 1:72Difficulty level: ProfessionalPlastic model 1:72 Krasnoarmeisky anti-aircraft armored train of World War II (UMT 696)The model has a high level of detail and is designed for experienced modellers.Model length, mm: 190Armored t..
Brand: UMmt Model: UMT693
Product code: UMT693Manufacturer: UMTCountry of origin: UkraineScale: 1:72Difficulty level: MediumPlastic model 1:72 Tank BT-7 on a two-axle 20-ton railway platform (short - 6.6m) 2 models in a set (UMT 693)Good quality kit, easy to assemble. Suitable for both experienced modellers and beginners.Mod..
Brand: UniModel (UM) Model: UMT695
Manufacturer: UM (Ukraine)Code: UMT695Scale: 1/72Material: PlasticPaint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.Condition: New in BoxPlastic model 1:72 Armored train "Kozma Minin" (31st separate special division of the armored train "Gorky-Warsaw") (UMT 695)The model has a high l..
Brand: UniModel (UM) Model: UMT691
Manufacturer: UMmt (Ukraine)Code: 691Scale: 1/72Material: PlasticCondition: New in BoxArmored platform of the armored trains "Kozma Minin" and "Ilya Muromets" (type PL-42)..
Brand: Miniart Model: MA38031
Manufacturer: Miniart (Ukraine) Code: 38031 Scale: 1/35 Material: Plastic Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue. Condition: New in Box Quality set, easy assembly. Suitable for both experienced modelers and beginners. ..
Brand: Dnepro Model Model: Dn35111
Item 35111 Italian 381 / 40 Railway Gun. WWII. Resin Kit. Scale 1/35. This kit also includes chains, bolts, rivets and railway track - 96 cm...
Brand: Miniart Model: MA38030
Miniart 38030 - 1/35 CARGO TRAMWAY “X”-SERIES Scale Model Kit 1/35 plastic model kit Miniart 38030 Manufacturer: Miniart (Ukraine) Scale: 1/35 Material: Plastic Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue. Condition: New in Box ..