Hello PM-Store friends.

March 2024 RESULTS
You donated through our website $3960
In total, our foundation spent $4310

Thanks to all people who joined and sent us such important donations!
Special thanks to our regular donors. You are making a significant contribution to our activities.

This time I will not describe many of my thoughts and reasoning.

I’ll just say: we’re sick of these russians.

Now they are again bombing Ukraine almost daily with massive missiles, drones, and very expensive supersonic ballistic missiles.
And we have problems with air defense systems. 
We can't shoot down everything that flies. 
At a time, they always fire about a hundred missiles and drones, which simultaneously fly over our country like a swarm of flies.
We don't have enough air defense systems and ammo for existing ones.
Today, another largest "Tripilska" powerplant near Kyiv was completely destroyed.
German military expert and journalist Julian Röpсke wrote this on his social network X today.

Recently, cases of “double strikes” have become more frequent.

This is when there is a hit. Our rescue services, firefighters, medics, and police arrive at the scene of the explosion and an hour later an additional blow is struck at this place.

Kharkiv city is under attack

The terrorussians also apparently decided to destroy the city of Kharkiv.
This is a city with a population of over a million, which is very close to the ruzzian border. 
Therefore, it is very convenient to fire ballistic missiles. After all, we don't have time to react.
They destroyed all power plants and substations in Kharkiv. 
They purposefully want to make this city uninhabitable and for everyone to leave.
This is a terrorussian tactic. They can only seize what is completely destroyed and from where the Ukrainians simply leave.

And now I will tell you a little about our foundation work.

As you remember, in February we held a fundraising for the purchase of FPV drones with your personal message.
We then raised money to buy 10 drones and I showed you the photos in the last report.
In March, two more people wanted to join and we purchased two more drones with a personal note.
These drones were assembled for free by a wounded colleague of the guys we sent them to.
We only paid for the cost of parts and battery. He gave away FPV glasses worth $200 for free.

Guys! Please continue to support us on the way to our freedom!

Thank you for staying with us!

Peace, friends!
Slava Ukraini!

What did we do in March 2024?
1. Thermal imager HikMicro Panther PH50L - 2700$ worth
2. FPV drones 2pcs - 800$ worth 3. Washing Machine

What are we planning to do in April 2024?
1. Repair of mobile training class for Odessa Mobile Firing Group - 1000$ worth (already paid)
2. Night Vision device
3. Mine detector
4. Electromagnetic warfare device EW


Foundation results up to the end of March 2024:

(your help through our website)
 (including website donations)
MARCH-JUNE 20222.280$ (76 donations)31.750$
JULY 20221.290$ (43 donations)4.300$
AUGUST 20221.320$ (44 donations)4.200$
SEPTEMBER 20221.500$ (50 donations)6.100$
OCTOBER 20222.280$ (76 donations)6.600$
NOVEMBER 20223.930$ (131 donations)6.850$
DECEMBER 20221.650$ (55 donations)3.327$
JANUARY 20232.070$ (69 donations)9.720$
FEBRUARY 20231.470$ (49 donations)7.250$
MARCH 20235.520$ (184 donations)8.800$
APRIL 20232.280$ (76 donations)20.800$
MAY 20232.310$ (77 donations)5.700$
JUNE 20232.400$ (80 donations)76.300$
JULY 20232.400$ (80 donations)13.200$
AUGUST 20232.100$ (70 donations)11.600$
SEPTEMBER 20231.740$ (58 donations)10.600$
OCTOBER 20233.510$ (117 donations)11.100$
NOVEMBER 20231.980$ (66 donations)6.900$
DECEMBER 20232.640$ (88 donations)4.340$
JANUARY 20242.070$ (69 donations)8.150$
FEBRUARY 20244.950$ (165 donations)21.180$
MARCH 20243.960$ (132 donations)4.310$
(starting April 2022)
55.650$ (1855 donations)283.070$

Below you can find what we bought in March 2024: