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Vehicles is the best web store where you can find high-quality car, moto, and truck model kits. We offer hundreds of fairly-priced model kits, and you can get your hands on them today. You can take a trip to the past and get kits from WWI and WWII, and you can also get trucks and cars designed in the 60s, 70s, and modern times.

In our store, you will find German vehicle kits, French plastic model truck kits, US military truck kits, artillery towing vehicle kits, and much more. All our model kits look authentic and real, as our manufacturers pay attention to every little detail. But you will also have to stay careful while assembling the model, as it won’t look good and real if you don’t do this part right.

Assembling model kits

Assembling a car or truck model is a fun task, and most people enjoy doing it. The first step is to check out the pictures of the original vehicle, as it will help you understand what it looks like in real life. After that, you should read the assembly instructions and follow each step carefully. Even beginners can do the job effectively by following the provided instructions.

You should start building the interior first, and you can check the magnified pictures of the real vehicle for this step. Some model kits take more time to complete than others, so you should stay patient during the process. There is no point in rushing into anything, as you may miss out on some details in such a case, and the final result won’t be good. Just enjoy the process and improve your skills. As you gain experience, things will become easier, and it can also turn into a hobby.

It’s Easy to Find a Suitable Plastic Model Kit

You will find hundreds of plastic model kits on offered by several popular brands, including Eastern Express, ICM, Mirror Models, Ace Models, and Hobby Boss. We have made it easier for our clients to find a suitable model kit. You can choose the desired brand, scale, or subcategory directly, and the results will appear on your screen. You can also select a suitable price range depending on your budget.

We have added details about each product sold on our site, and you can check them out before making the purchase. You can read the description to learn what you will receive in the kit, and other details such as scale, material, manufacturer, serial number, and model length are also mentioned in this section. We have also added the details about the original vehicle for some model kits.

All of our kits are available at reasonable prices, and you can buy them with confidence, as you can place a return request if you don’t like them. To learn more, you can read the payment, shipping, and return information carefully before placing your first order on our site.

Plastic model kits size and assembly

To get an idea about how big the plastic model kits will be, you should check the ‘Scale’. If you are a beginner and don’t know what scale means, you can use this method: Divide the length of the original vehicle by the scale.

Some model kits in our store are easy to assemble, which makes them suitable for both beginners and experienced modelers. If you are buying your first-ever plastic model kits, they will be suitable for you. But some model kits need more time and effort, and they are more suitable for experienced players. You can find such details in the description section while checking out a product.

We Keep Adding New Stuff for You!

Our amazing list of plastic models keeps getting updated, and we add new products for our clients regularly. We also offer vehicle upgrade accessories, which makes our site an all-in-one platform for modelers. So, if you want to upgrade your plastic model truck or car, you can go ahead and buy a suitable accessory.

If you are an experienced player and have multiple plastic models, you can get a truck or car that compliments them. If you are a beginner, you can get any model kit that looks appealing to you and build your play set and army around it. You can also buy aircraft, battleships, railway model kits, and other stuff with it. There are no limitations, and you can explore thousands of options.

Our website is user-friendly; however, if you still face any issues while placing the order or receiving your model kit, you can contact our highly-trained support staff. You can also earn rewards on your orders and use the earned amount while placing your next order. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Get a plastic model car or truck today and start building your play set and army.

Brand: Roden Model: RN818
Manufacturer: Roden (Ukraine)Code: 818Scale: 1/35Material: PlasticPaint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.Condition: New in Box..