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Figure model kits are scale model kits that represent real or imaginary creatures. You can find the best figure model kits at because we add only premium quality kits to our list. Children have been playing with toy soldiers for a long time now, but adults also like collecting them and building their army/play sets these days. Experienced modelers take things seriously, and their sets are worth thousands.

In our web store, you can find plastic soldiers from different times and wars, including the American Civil War, WWII, Greco-Persian War, and Russian-Ukrainian War. When we talk about military model kits, historical accuracy, authenticity, and other small details play a big role. The soldiers’ uniforms and weapons should be authentic depending upon the times, country, and war they belong to. This is why we keep only reliable and popular manufacturers in our network, and we never compromise in the fields of quality and authenticity.

Model assembly and scale importance

Beginners should always start their journey with an easy-to-assemble model, and they can choose any kit that looks appealing to them. But if you are an experienced modeler and already have a play set, you should get the plastic models that go with your existing ones. You can put together the soldiers, aircraft, battleships, tanks, trucks, cars, and trains from the same time period and build an impressive set. You should also pay attention to the ranks, and you can get one or more soldiers of each rank.

Scale is a crucial factor to consider, and we offer multiple options to clients in this area. You should pick a size that goes well with other plastic models in your set. The soldiers shouldn’t be bigger than a truck, plane, or other vehicles in your army set.

MGet Your Hands on These Reasonably-Priced Figure Model Kits Today!

We at offer only reasonably-priced plastic models, and you won’t have to worry about unfair policies or hidden charges. You can read the description and specifications of each model kit before placing the order, and you will get exactly what we promise. In the “Description” section, you can check what the kit offers, manufacturer details, scale, and much more. We have also added the details of soldiers for some kits.

You will find many popular brands on our platform, including Master Box, ICM, Easy Model, and Alliance. Moreover, you will have hundreds of plastic models to choose from, and you can also enjoy discounts on some of them. We regularly add new plastic models to our site, and most models on our list are popular among modelers.

We have a huge and happy customer base, and we offer quality services. Our shipping rates are also reasonable, and if you want to learn more, you can contact our support staff anytime. Also, you can make worry-free purchases on our site, as we accept valid return requests. If you have any second thoughts, you can check out the payment, shipping, and return information before placing an order.

If your army set is incomplete, or you don’t have one yet, you can get your hands on our plastic models and start building them today. To make it look authentic, you should conduct research and check which model goes well with others. Get ready to take a trip to the past and learn more about soldiers from different times and wars.

Brand: Master Box Model: MB35223
Manufacturer: Master Box (Ukraine)Code: 35223Scale: 1/35Material: PlasticPaint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.Condition: New in Box35223 “Russian-Ukrainian War series. Defence of Kyiv, March 2022. Trophy. Kit No.1” – the kit is performed in ..