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Welcome to Plastic Models Store, your exceptional location for a massive array of paper model kits, specializing in an incredible collection of fleet models. These paper model fleet kits are tailor-made for people with a deep appreciation for ships and naval vessels. With our meticulously designed kits, you may embark on a charming adventure to collect complicated models of historic warships, cargo vessels, ship model kits, and plenty more. Our paper model fleet kits are a testimony to the wealthy tapestry of maritime history. We take pride in the historical accuracy of our designs, making sure that every kit offers a realistic and accurate representation of the vessel it replicates. These kits are not just models, they are tributes to the vessels that have performed pivotal roles in shaping naval history.

For history lovers and educators, our paper models function as useful academic equipment. They offer a completely unique possibility to immerse yourself within the history of naval vessels, giving a deeper observation of marine life. These kits may be employed inside the classroom to learn about naval history, ship design, and engineering, making them useful tools during education. Instead of studying from textbooks or viewing static snapshots, university students can actively take part in history studying.

Building paper fleet models offers a truly rewarding experience and time well spent. As you meticulously assemble every vessel, you will wonder about the precision and detail invested in our designs. The attention to detail ensures that every curve, every protrusion, and every detail of the vessel matches the real ship, making it a treasure of marine history. Moreover, these paper model fleet kits comprise precise scale dimensions, making sure that the proportions and measurements of your model are devoted to the actual ship. The final result will amaze you one hundred percent, because you will get an accurate image of the ship, with accurate dimensions in scale and with all the intricate details.

For hobbyists and fans alike, paper model fleet kits are a source of immense satisfaction and a delightful spending time. The assembly process requires more than just following the instructions; it requires enthusiasm. Beyond the rigid structure of historical accuracy, those kits provide you with a canvas on which to express your creativity and artistic talents. This is where the magic occurs and there are not any creative limits to self-expression. You have the freedom to choose how you will paint, enhance, and decorate your future model. This is wherein your uniqueness flows into the project, making each model a customized painting of art. For instance, crafting a diorama around the model can beautify its context and depth. Enthusiasts have the creative freedom to design and construct scenes that supplement the ship, whether or not it is miles from a miniature harbor, a dramatic sea conflict, or a representation of the ship's historical setting. Adding tiny crew contributors, passengers, or other applicable figures to the model can breathe lifestyles and narrative into the scene. These figure model kits contribute to the overall story and create a captivating visual narrative. To add an element of realism, modelers can apply weathering effects. Techniques such as dry brushing, airbrushing, or sponging can be used to simulate wear and tear, rust, and aging, giving the model a lived-in and authentic appearance. Whether it is adding miniature crew members, replicating weathered effects, or crafting intricate rigging, you have the creative freedom to bring your vision to life.

Our kits are more than simply models; they may be gateways to a world of historical exploration, instructional enrichment, and creative expression. We invite you to explore our sizable collection of paper model fleet kits, where the journey of constructing your own fleet is enjoyable and worthwhile. There is an undeniable joy in pursuing a hobby aligned with your interests and passion. Our paper model kits empower enthusiasts to create a personal fleet, paying homage to their favorite ships and vessels. Whether you are interested in naval history, army ships, cargo vessels, or iconic cruise liners, our diverse range of kits gives an international of possibilities. Explore our choice nowadays and discover the ideal kit to feature in your collection.

Brand: OREL Model: OREL369
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: WhalerSeries: Civil NavyCountry: USA, 1799Scale: 1:100Volume: 24 x A4The three-masted whaling ship was built of white oak in 1799. She was 87 feet (26.5 m) long and displaced 239 tons. Team – 20 people. On November 20, 1820, 2,000 miles ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL368
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: BrigantineSeries: Civil NavyCountry: Norway, 1880Scale: 1:100Volume: 22 x A4The Norwegian merchant brigantine Leon was built in 1880 in the city of Larvik, and Porsgrund was her home port. The main area of activity was trade in goods bet..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL367
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: River ArmadilloSeries: NavyCountry: Confederate States of America, 1862Scale: 1:200Volume: 8 x A4A large casemate ironclad built in 1861–1862 for the Confederate States of America Navy in New Orleans. It was the strongest and theoretical..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL365
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: Project N2500 tugSeries: Civil NavyCountry: Poland, 1980Scale: 1:100Volume: 22 x A4The modified harbor road tug of the H2500 type was designed by the Design and Technology Bureau of the Prorem Marine Repair Shipyards and built at the Nav..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL364
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: River gunboatSeries: NavyCountry: USA, 1862Scale: 1:200Volume: 10 x A4The river gunboat USS Benton was part of the US Navy during the American Civil War. The former center paddle wheel catamaran was refitted by James B. Eads of St. Louis..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL363
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: DestroyerSeries: NavyCountry: France, 1931Scale: 1:200Volume: 18 x A4The counter-destroyer Albatros is one of the six leaders of the Aigle-class destroyers. Laid down at the private shipyard "AC de la Loire" in Nantes on January 21, 1929..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL362
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: Armored cruiserSeries: NavyCountry: USA, 1890Scale: 1:200Volume: 20 x A4The armored cruiser Baltimore was built at the Crump shipyards and entered service in 1890. Took part in the Spanish-American War. In 1913-1914 the song was converte..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL355
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL355Material: PaperCondition: NewType: CorvetteSeries: Military fleetCountry: France, 1973Scale: 1:200Size: 20 х А4Aconit is a one-of-a-kind frigate built for the French Navy during the Cold War. It was built for anti-submarine warfare in the 1960s. It w..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL354
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL354Material: PaperCondition: NewSeries: Military fleetCountry: USA, 1863Scale: 1:200Volume: 12 x A4Monitor "Roanoke" - a large three-tower monitor, rebuilt in 1862-1863 from the screw frigate of the same name. He did not take part in hostilities; until ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL096
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Code: 096Scale: 1:200Condition: New Material: Paper..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL016
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Code: 016Scale: 1:200Condition: New Material: PaperCover: 14 sheets A4Country: Russia, 1905.Series: Military fleetType: Coastal defense..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL340
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Code: 340Scale: 1:200Condition: New Material: PaperVolume: 6 х А4Series: Military FleetCountry: Confederate States of America, 1864Cover: 6 x A4..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL350/4
OREL 350/4 Fabric sail set for Le Redoutable Ironclad, France 1878, 1/200Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Type: Le Redoutable IroncladCountry: France 1878..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL351/3
Orel 351/3 Wooden veneer decks for Missouri river ironclad America 1863, 1/200Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Type: Missouri river ironcladCountry: America 1863..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL350/3
Orel 350/3 Wooden veneer decks for Le Redoutable Ironclad, France 1878, 1/200Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Type: Le Redoutable IroncladCountry: France 1878..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL343/3
Orel 343/3 Wooden veneer decks Pascal protected cruiser, France 1895, 1/200Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Type: Pascal protected cruiserCountry: France 1895..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL351/2
Orel 351/2 Laser Cutting for Missouri river ironclad America 1863, 1/200Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Condition: New Type: Missouri river ironcladCountry: America 1863..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL350/2
Laser Cutting for Le Redoutable Ironclad, France 1878, 1/200 Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Condition: New Type:  Le Redoutable IroncladCountry:  France 1878..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL351
Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Material: Paper Condition: New Type: ShipSeries: NAVYCountry: Confederate states of America..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL350
Manufacturer: Orel (Ukraine) Scale: 1/200 Material: Paper Condition: New Type: CarSeries: NAVYCountry: FRANCE 1878..
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