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One famous type of scale model is the paper model kits. Paper model kits are easy to bring together, and they may be used to create an extensive kind of variety of objects. Some popular paper model kits consist of cars, planes, ships, and buildings. You can discover kits in a variety of scales, from 1/1 to 1/400. This makes them perfect for all styles of projects, each massive and small.

Scale paper models are a form of modeling that makes use of miniature models to represent real existence items or scenes. Scale models are normally made of plastic, timber, or metal, and they can be used to create the whole thing from automobiles and airplanes to houses and landscapes.

If you're interested in scale modeling, or in case you just want to strive your hand at something new, then a paper model kit is a fantastic option to start. You can discover paper model kits online or at your local hobby store.

Diorama with paper models is a superb manner to expose your abilities and your talent. It is also a notable way to spend some free time, especially in case you are into modeling. There are many varieties of paper model kits, so you can discover what fits you the most. If you are a newbie, probably it might be a great idea to first of all try something simple and then pass directly to complicated models. This is a terrific way to improve your abilities and have some fun at the same time.

One of the exceptional benefits about scale modeling is that it lets you create models that appear fairly realistic. You can also personalize your models however you want, which means that you may create particular designs that no one else has. Scale modeling is a brilliant way to express your creativity, and it's also fun.

Brand: OREL Model: OREL369
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: WhalerSeries: Civil NavyCountry: USA, 1799Scale: 1:100Volume: 24 x A4The three-masted whaling ship was built of white oak in 1799. She was 87 feet (26.5 m) long and displaced 239 tons. Team – 20 people. On November 20, 1820, 2,000 miles ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL368
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: BrigantineSeries: Civil NavyCountry: Norway, 1880Scale: 1:100Volume: 22 x A4The Norwegian merchant brigantine Leon was built in 1880 in the city of Larvik, and Porsgrund was her home port. The main area of activity was trade in goods bet..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL367
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: River ArmadilloSeries: NavyCountry: Confederate States of America, 1862Scale: 1:200Volume: 8 x A4A large casemate ironclad built in 1861–1862 for the Confederate States of America Navy in New Orleans. It was the strongest and theoretical..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL366
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: Multiple Launch Rocket SystemSeries: Ground military equipmentCountry: USA, 1983Scale: 1:25Volume: 34 x A4American universal launcher used as an MLRS and tactical missile launcher. Adopted by the US Army in 1983. The launcher is mounted ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL365
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: Project N2500 tugSeries: Civil NavyCountry: Poland, 1980Scale: 1:100Volume: 22 x A4The modified harbor road tug of the H2500 type was designed by the Design and Technology Bureau of the Prorem Marine Repair Shipyards and built at the Nav..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL364
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: River gunboatSeries: NavyCountry: USA, 1862Scale: 1:200Volume: 10 x A4The river gunboat USS Benton was part of the US Navy during the American Civil War. The former center paddle wheel catamaran was refitted by James B. Eads of St. Louis..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL363
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: DestroyerSeries: NavyCountry: France, 1931Scale: 1:200Volume: 18 x A4The counter-destroyer Albatros is one of the six leaders of the Aigle-class destroyers. Laid down at the private shipyard "AC de la Loire" in Nantes on January 21, 1929..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL362
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Material: PaperCondition: NewType: Armored cruiserSeries: NavyCountry: USA, 1890Scale: 1:200Volume: 20 x A4The armored cruiser Baltimore was built at the Crump shipyards and entered service in 1890. Took part in the Spanish-American War. In 1913-1914 the song was converte..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL361/5
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: 361/5Material: TreeCondition: New..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL361
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL35Material: PaperCondition: NewType: SchoonerSeries: Civil NavyCountry: USA, 1901Scale: 1:100Volume: 26 x A3The North American schooner Bertha L. Downs was one of many large 4-, 5-, and 6-masted schooners built on the banks of the Kennebec River in the ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL360
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL360Material: PaperCondition: NewType: BrigSeries: Military fleetCountry: Russia, 1824Scale: 1:200Volume: 6 x A4The brig was built in Astrakhan in 1823-24. Took part in the wars with Persia in 1826-1828 and with Turkey in 1828-29. Dismantled in 1833...
Brand: OREL Model: OREL359
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL359Material: PaperCondition: NewType: Reconnaissance aircraftSeries: Military aviationCountry: Netherlands, 1918Scale: 1:33Volume: 10 x A4The aircraft is a two-seater isosceles biplane of mixed design, designed for reconnaissance and surveillance. It wa..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL358
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL358Material: PaperCondition: NewType: Paddle steamerSeries: Civil NavyCountry: Australia, 1916Scale: 1:200Size: 10 x A4The ship was brought from America in a finished form. The hull was reassembled, the engine fitted at Mannum, and then towed to Blanche..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL357
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL357Material: PaperCondition: NewType: FighterSeries: Military aviationCountry: USSR, 1935Scale: 1:33Size: 10 x A4The Soviet fighter M. M. Polikarpov was the result of the refinement of its predecessor, the I-5. The first flight of the biplane took place..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL356
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL356Material: PaperCondition: NewType: BulldozerSeries: Civil engineeringCountry: USSR, 1975Scale: 1:25Size: 46 х А3At the beginning of the 70s of the 20th century, a number of large-scale projects for the laying of oil and gas pipelines, railway lines, ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL355
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL355Material: PaperCondition: NewType: CorvetteSeries: Military fleetCountry: France, 1973Scale: 1:200Size: 20 х А4Aconit is a one-of-a-kind frigate built for the French Navy during the Cold War. It was built for anti-submarine warfare in the 1960s. It w..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL354
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Serial number: OREL354Material: PaperCondition: NewSeries: Military fleetCountry: USA, 1863Scale: 1:200Volume: 12 x A4Monitor "Roanoke" - a large three-tower monitor, rebuilt in 1862-1863 from the screw frigate of the same name. He did not take part in hostilities; until ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL324/1
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Code: 324/1Scale: 1:200Condition: NewContains 1 plate of pieces (72mm x 46mm, 0.16mm thick) which are the hardest pieces to cut out of cardboard. The parts should be carefully separated from the plate. Photograss will help to significantly enhance the effect of the model ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL323/2
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Code: 323/2Scale: 1:33Condition: NewSet of 2 A4 sheets (0.5 mm thick) with frame parts. This kit simplifies model assembly. The parts are already laser cut and are held on thin bridges. The parts need to be carefully separated from the sheet and begin assembling the frame..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL322/2
Manufacturer: OREL (Ukraine)Code: 322/2Scale: 1:200Condition: NewSet of 1 sheet of A4 (1 mm thick) and 1 sheet of A4 (0.5 mm thick) with frame parts. This kit simplifies model assembly. The parts are already laser cut and are held on thin bridges. The parts need to be carefully separated from the sh..
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