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Armor Upgrade Accessories

Revamp Your Armored Vehicle Models

Are you searching for a way to enhance your armored vehicle models and make them even greater realistic? In the "Armor Upgrade Accessories" category at the Plastic Models Store, we provide a wide selection of extra accessories for armored vehicle models that will help you attain the very best degree of detail. If you are searching for a way to add extra detail to your diorama kit or protect your model from harm, then those kits are a remarkable choice. With such a lot of special kits to pick from, you are certain to locate one that meets your desires, needs, and preferences. So make sure to check out all of the options today and locate the perfect accessories for your next project! Our range includes upgraded castings, photo-etched parts, additional accessories, and many different items to help you create impressive armored vehicle models.

Enhance Your Armor Models with Precision Photo-Etched Details

Explore our tremendous series of photo-etched sheets designed to cater to armor model fans throughout diverse scales and subjects. Our various range of meticulously crafted components guarantees that you will discover suitable parts. It does not matter if you are modeling tanks or other armored vehicles, we have the detail to help you gain the highest degree of realism and authenticity.

  • Mesh vents: They are important components for those who are searching to capture the intricate details of real armored vehicles. These parts allow you to replicate the great steel mesh patterns frequently visible on authentic tanks and armored vehicles.
  • Gun carriage slots: With those photograph-etched parts, you will be capable of reproducing the intricate slots in your model's cannons with incredible accuracy.
  • Mesh floors: Some models of armored cars have mesh flooring to reduce weight. Photo-etched details will let you reproduce this unique element.
  • Small components and handles: You may also find photo-etched small parts which include handles, rails, antennas, and other things.

Resin for Military Tank Models

Resin is the perfect material for creating relatively detailed additions to your model kit tank. In our collection of resin accessories, you will find loads of additives which include tracks, track chains, additional carriages, and plenty of different parts that will permit you to attain the highest level of realism for your tank model.

The use of resin is distinguished by its high quality and the ability to preserve even the smallest details. These add-ons are easy to insert into your model and supply it with a more pleasant look. The tracks, for example, are made of resin and have extremely accurate details and textures that add visuality and realism to your tank project.

Resin applications undoubtedly enhance the quality and appeal of military tank models, elevating them to a new level of realism and character. These versatile accessories offer a myriad of options, catering to the numerous needs of model enthusiasts. By incorporating resin accessories, you can infuse your tank model with a level of expressiveness and attention-grabbing detail that would be hard to achieve with traditional materials alone.

Authentic Towing Copper Cable: Elevate Realism in Your Model Kits

Adding towing copper cables to your model kits provides an additional layer of reality. It accurately copies the cables utilized for towing heavy machines and other military items. ​This attention to detail can make your models more closely resemble their real counterparts. These types of upgrade accessories are highly versatile and can be employed in a huge range of kits, including military models kits, construction equipment, recovery vehicles, and more. This lets you adapt the cable to match the particular desires of your assignment, no matter the scale or type of model kit you are operating on. Moreover, you could select the appropriate length and thickness of the cable to fit your project. If you enjoy creating dioramas or vignettes with your plastic model kits, towing copper cables can play a pivotal role in elevating the realism of your scenes. It allows you to depict vehicles engaged in towing or recovery operations, adding dynamic action and storytelling elements to your dioramas.

Revamp Your Tank Model with Track Sets and Wheels

In the realm of tank modeling, the tracks and wheels are absolutely the hallmarks of accuracy and intricacy. We apprehend their pivotal function in bringing your scale model to existence. That's why we offer an intensive array of top-rate substitute parts meticulously designed to elevate the historical fidelity of your project. Our track sets and wheels are made from pinnacle-tier substances, guaranteeing sturdiness and durability to your build.

With a huge variety of tune types and tread patterns available, model lovers can delve into the world of historical accuracy, meticulously recreating the specific detail of a particular tank or allowing their creativity to design unique and imaginative track configurations.

Key Guidelines for Selecting and Applying Accessories

When choosing and the usage of accessories for your model project, you need to observe several critical guidelines:

Make certain the accessories you choose suit the size and features of your model. For instance, for a 1:35 tank, accessories for this scale are suitable.

Pay attention to how the accessories have an effect on the overall look of the model. They need to harmonize with the design and period you are recreating.

Always comply with the manufacturer's instructions while attaching accessories. Use appropriate adhesives and tools for best results. Examine the footage and surrounding details for accuracy. Do not hesitate to contact experienced modelers for valuable advice and tips.

Plastic Models Store, is your ultimate destination for upgrading your armored vehicle model kits and turning them into beautiful works of art. We apprehend the passion and precision that go into model building, and we are here to provide you with an extensive array of accessories to take your creations to the subsequent degree. Our store boasts a wide selection of upgrade accessories, so you will definitely find something that will be the best for you! Create historically accurate recreations or let your creativity run wild with custom modifications – the possibilities are endless.

Brand: SBS Model Model: SBS-35047
Manufacturer: SBS ModelSerial number: 35047Scale: 1:35Material: ResinCondition: New in BoxDescription: Includes x 2 cast resin wheels & 2 types of hubcap)..
Brand: SBS Model Model: SBS-35046
Manufacturer: SBS ModelSerial number: 35046Scale: 1:35Material: ResinCondition: New in BoxDescription: Includes x 2 cast resin wheels & 2 types of hubcap)..
Brand: SBS Model Model: SBS-3D034
Manufacturer: SBS ModelSerial number: 3D034Scale: 1:35Material: 3D-printed, resinCondition: New in BoxDescription: Comes on printing supports that need to remove..
Brand: SBS Model Model: SBS-3D033
Manufacturer: SBS ModelSerial number: 3D033Scale: 1:35Material: 3D-printed, resinCondition: New in BoxDescription: Comes on printing supports that need to remove..
Brand: SBS Model Model: SBS-3D032
Manufacturer: SBS ModelSerial number: 3D032Scale: 1:35Material: 3D-printed, resinCondition: New in BoxDescription: Comes on printing supports that need to remove..