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Aircraft Model Kits

Aircraft modeling is an exciting world where we can feel the pulse of aviation. It helps preserve historical knowledge about different eras of aviation and specific aircraft, their role in events and their contribution to technological progress. This hobby supports an interest in technology and engineering, as models require a knowledge of aircraft structures and principles of operation. From researching the history of aviation to studying the technical aspects, plastic model airplane kits provide educational value by developing critical thinking and technical acumen. Entering the world of scale modeling with aircraft model kits opens an exhilarating direction into this hobby. These kits encompass a diverse range of planes, spanning from historic WWII bombers to cutting-edge modern fighters, granting you the freedom to pick your preferred model. At our online hobby shop Plastic Models Store, we pride ourselves on our massive choice of model aircraft kits in order that will make you feel like you are a part of aviation history.

What kinds of planes can you find?

The variety of model planes to be had at can satisfy the interests of an extensive range of clients, regardless of their historical preferences or desire to delve into the world of aviation.

Military aircraft

Among the goods available for order, you may find models of famous military aircraft from the length of the First and Second World Wars, as well as modern fighters and bombers. This range makes it possible to satisfy the interests of absolutely everyone inquisitive about army history and aviation. The models reproduce each detail with attention to historical contexts and permit you to immerse yourself deeply in the area of military aviation.

Civil aircraft

For those inquisitive about civil aviation, the website has kits of civil planes from diverse decades. You could be able to see models of the first commercial plane that made their first flights in the early years of aviation and you could be able to see the modern passenger planes that tour the world these days. These model kits let you recreate the evolution of civil aviation in detail, looking at changes in plane design, technology, and functionality over the years. They create a possibility for in-depth information on the history of the aviation industry and its impact on world transport and travel.

Legendary planes

Imagine, you can even discover airplanes that have received popularity due to their unique characteristics and stories. Among them, you are able to notice aircraft that first introduced innovative technologies, conquered the sky and received fame along with their combat capabilities. Models of those legendary planes permit enthusiasts to delve deeper into the history of each machine and understand their position in wars and their importance to the improvement of the aviation era.

Modern airplanes

Today's planes comprise modern designs and technology that permit them to carry out a whole lot of duties in the air, which includes combat, reconnaissance, transportation, and lots of others. They can be used to model modern planes of diverse classes, which include fighters, bombers, transport planes, and plenty of others. These models reflect the current state of technology and design of military aviation.

Exploring Various Scales

At Plastic Models Store, you can discover an intensive choice of aircraft model kits in numerous scales, inclusive of popular scales like 1/72, 1/48, and 1/144. We provide models in a number of sizes to accommodate distinct preferences and need ranges, making it easy with the purpose of discovering the right scale that fits your desires and allows you to build detailed and accurate replicas of diverse aircraft.

Let’s have a look at the difference between scales.

1/72 Scale: This is one of the most famous scales for plane model kits. Models in 1/72 scale are generally smaller and extra compact, making them an outstanding choice for modelers with restricted show space. Despite their smaller size, these kits provide a high stage of detail and accuracy, making them a fave among both beginners and skilled modelers.

The 1/48 scale models are a little bit larger than 1/72, offering intricate detailing and realism. These kits offer a balanced size that is not too small for fine details, yet not too huge for display. They are a really perfect choice for modelers who want to acquire an excessive level of detail without a huge finished model.

1/144 Scale: Models in the 1/144 scale are on the smaller facet, making them best for people with restrained display space or modelers who choose a greater compact completed product. While they will have fewer details compared to larger scales, they are still accurate and provide a fulfilling modeling enjoyment.

Upgrade Your Aircraft Plastic Models

You can take your aircraft's plastic models to the next degree by decorating and enhancing them with a wide range of accessories and paint for plastic models. These additional elements provide model enthusiasts the possibility to add complex details, achieve realistic finishes, and make their models certainly stand out.

Accessories that include picture-etched elements, decals, and resin components can help enhance the general appearance and accuracy of your model. Photo-etched elements often encompass finely specified metallic pieces that can be used for delicate components like cockpit interiors, landing gear, or engine elements. Decals are essential for replicating complex markings, insignias, and details unique to the aircraft being modeled. Resin components can provide extra authenticity to particular areas, like replacing the cockpit or engine parts with more accurate and detailed resin pieces.

Paints are another important aspect of model building, permitting you to reproduce the plane's unique shade scheme and add weathering effects for realism. Acrylic, enamel, and lacquer paints offer diverse options for extraordinary finishes and are to be had in a big range of colors, making it possible to suit the plane's historic appearance exactly.

Believe it or no longer, we have got all of it in our shop! Do not put off your creative ideas - visit us today and bring your projects to life!

If you have not tried plane modeling yet, we invite you to buy your first kit. Here you will discover a big selection of outstanding model kits, accessories, and tools. Our store is ready to help you choose the right kit!

Brand: AMP Model: AMP144-013
Manufacturer: AMP (Ukraine)Code: 144-013Scale: 1/144Material: PlasticPaint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.Condition: New in Box..
Brand: Sova models Model: SVM14006
Manufacturer: Sova Model (Ukraine)Code: 14006Scale: 1/144Material: PlasticKit description: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit does not contain paints and glueCondition: New in BoxAn-26 is a military transport aircraft developed at the Antonov Design Bureau. It is a modification of the original An-24 model...
Brand: Amodel Model: AMO72253
Manufacturer: Amodel (Ukraine)Code: 72253Scale: 1/72Material: PlasticKit description: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit does not contain paints and glueCondition: New in BoxAntonov An-24 (from NATO codification: Coke; — "Кокс") is a turboprop passenger aircraft for short- and medium-haul routes. It has a ..