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Brand: OREL Model: OREL309
Paper Model Kit Racing yacht "L30 class", 1/25 scale, Orel 309, Civilian fleet Type: Racing yachtSeries:  "L30 class"Country: UkraineScale: 1: 25Volume: 24 x A3 The L30-class racing yacht is a club racing and cruising yacht with a length of 30 feet and a weight of 1750 kg. It is equipped with a lift..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL313
Paper Model Kit Trawler "Navena", 1/100 scale, Orel 313, Great Britain, 1959 Type: TrawlerSeries: Civilian fleetCountry: Great Britain, 1959Scale: 1: 100Volume: 13 x A3 Trawler "Navena" was launched in England at Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby, for J Marr & Son Ltd, Fleetwood. It was the first trawler o..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL314
Motor ships "Zarya" - a series of Soviet passenger high-speed river vessels, which were often called "river tram", "river bus". Capacity - 60-86 passengers, crew - 2-3 people. They were built according to two projects 946 (from 1965 to 1981) and P-83 (from 1971 to 1985) at the Moscow shipbuilding an..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL315
Paper Model Kit Motor ship of project P83 "Zarya", 1/100, Orel 315, USSR, 1973 Type: motor shipSeries: Civilian fleetCountry: USSR, 1973Scale: 1: 100Volume: 8 x A4 Motor ships "Zarya" - a series of Soviet passenger high-speed river vessels, which were often called "river tram", "river bus". Capacity..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL318
Paper Model Kit River motor ship pr. 301 "Vladimir Ilyich", 1/200 scale Orel 318 Type: motor shipSeries: Civilian fleetCountry: USSR, 1975Scale: 1: 200Volume: 26 x A4 River motor ship pr. 301 "Vladimir Ilyich" belongs to the type of four-deck river motor ships, built at the shipyard VEB Elbewerft Bo..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL320
Paper Model Kit Minefeller "Albatross" 1/200 scale, Orel 320, Navy, Germany 1908 Type: MinefellerSeries: NavyCountry: Germany 1908Scale: 1: 200Volume: 16 x A4 SMS Albatross is a mine layer of the Imperial German Navy. Laid down in 1907, on May 19, 1908, the ship was handed over for testing. The pre-..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL321
Paper Model Kit River motor ship pr.340E "Raketa" , 1/100 Orel 321, Civilian Type: motor shipSeries: Civilian fleetCountry: USSR, 1957Scale: 1: 100Volume: 10 x A4 Motor ships pr.340E "Raketa" - a series of Soviet passenger river hydrofoil vessels (projects 340, 340E, 340ME, 340P), designed for high-..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL322
Paper Model Kit River fire motor ship pr.340P "Raketa", 1/100 Orel 322, Civilian Type: motor shipSeries: Civilian fleetCountry: USSR, 1969Scale: 1: 100Volume: 10 x A4 The motor ship pr.340P "Raketa" is a fire modification "Raketa-P" with two fire nozzles and water and air-foam protection systems. Th..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL326
Paper Model Kit Leader of "Tashkent", 1/200 scale, Orel 326, Navy, USSR, 1942 Type: LeaderSeries: NavyCountry: USSR, 1942Scale: 1: 200Volume: 32 x A4 The ship project was developed and implemented in Livorno (Italy) by order of the Soviet government. Laid down on September 9, 1935, launched on Decem..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL325
Paper Model Kit Battleship Virginia II, 1/200 scale, Orel 325, Navy, CSA 1864 Type: Battleship Series: NavyCountry: Confederate States of America, 1864Scale: 1: 200Volume: 8 x A4 Virginia II is a casemate battleship built in Richmond for the fleet of the Confederate States of America. It was named a..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL324
Paper Model Kit Fredericksburg, 1/200 scale Orel 324 Navy Conf. St. America 1864 Type: FredericksburgSeries: NavyCountry: Confederate States of America, 1864Scale: 1: 200Volume: 6 x A4 The battleship Fredericksburg was laid down at Richmond, Virginia in 1862 and entered service in March 1864. From m..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL319
Paper Model Kit USS North Dakota (SSN-784), 1/200 scale, Orel 319 Navy USSR 2014 Type:  SSN-784Series: NavyCountry: USSR, 2014Scale: 1: 200Volume: 12 x A4 The USS North Dakota (SSN-784) is the eleventh US Virginia-class submarine and the second ship in the US Navy to be named after the state of Nort..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL316
Paper Model Kit Self-propelled barge T-36, 1/100 scale, Orel 316 Navy USSR, 1960 Type:  bargeSeries: NavyCountry: USSR, 1960Scale: 1: 100Volume: 6 x A4 Self-propelled barge T-36 is a representative of Soviet landing boats, built on the basis of American LCM pontoons, designed for delivery and disemb..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL312
Paper Model Kit Galleon "Roter Löwe", 1/100 scale, Orel 312, Navy, Holland, 1597 Type: GalleonSeries: NavyCountry: Holland, 1597Scale: 1: 100Volume: 26 x A4 At the beginning of the 17th century, the Duchy of Prussia made an attempt to create its own fleet. The flagship of this fleet was to be the R..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL310
Paper Model Kit Steamer "Saginaw", 1/200 scale, Orel 310, Navy, USA, 1860 Type: CaraccaSeries: NavyCountry: USA, 1860Scale: 1: 200Volume: 10 x A4 The armed steamer (sloop-of-war) Saginaw was built on Mar Island in San Francisco Bay in 1858-1860. He served in the Pacific Ocean: off the Chinese coast ..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL307
Paper Model Kit Frigate "Eagle", 1/100 scale, Orel 307 Navy, Russia, 1669  Type: FrigateSeries: NavyCountry: Russia, 1669Scale: 1: 100Volume: 24 x A4 The frigate "Eagle" is the first Russian sailing ship of the Western European type, it is a kind of Dutch pinas. Built by order of Alexei Mikhailovich..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL306
Paper Model Kit Caracca "Mary Rose", 1/200 scale, Orel 306 Navy, England, 1511 Type: CaraccaSeries: NavyCountry: England, 1511Scale: 1: 200Volume: 12 x A4The Mary Rose caracca was laid down in 1509, launched the following year and entered service in 1511. She took the most active part during the war..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL004
Type: Heavy fighter, World War II. Series: military aviation Country: USSR, 1942. Scale: 1:33 Number of sheets: 16XA4   A model of a Pe-3 heavy fighter in winter camouflage. The fighter was created on the basis of the Pe-2 serial bomber. Of the feature..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL305/1
Type: Motor ship Series: Civilian Navy Country: USSR, 1969 Scale: 1: 100 Volume: 14 x A4   "Moskva" is a passenger motor ship with a single-storey superstructure, a wheelhouse on the superstructure roof and an engine room in the stern. Vess..
Brand: OREL Model: OREL303/1
Type: Yacht Series: Navy Country: France, 1859 Scale: 1: 200 Volume: 16 x A4   L`Aigle was built as a yacht for the Emperor Napoleon III in Cherbourg according to the design of Dupuis de Lom. Launched on December 23, 1858, commissioned in 1..
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