Hello friends!

After the war started we urgently closed our office and team was evacuated to a safe place.
Now we returned back to Kyiv! And we want to get back to normal life. 
We have been in touch with every customer during this period and we are very thankful for hundreds of emails we received via email, eBay, amazon and facebook.
Your support of Ukraine is very important and impressive.

I would like to say a separate THANK YOU to every customer who placed an order to support our store during a difficult time without even knowing when we could ship it.
Thanks to your orders, we were able to pay the salaries of our team all this time, who were forced to leave their homes and be refugees.

There were several orders where you wrote: "No need to send anything, use this money at your discretion"
And one of the comments to the order was: Don't send me the models, go buy bullets!
By the way, all donated money in such way was transferred to my neighbors I personally know. We bought already 3 thermal rifle scopes to them who are fighting now on the frontline.

FEW WORDS about ruZZian invaders.
ruZZian army is an army of barbarians, marauders and thieves.

I personally know this from the stories of my wife's father, who was under occupation since February 26 for almost 40 days.

Their village is located 22 miles north of Kyiv. The Russians left his village at the beginning of April.
Before leaving, they buried the corpses of their soldiers under the forest near father's house. 
They stole from empty houses everything that can be sold or that has value. They stole carpets, TVs, laptops, household appliances, batteries, screwdrivers, drills, boat engines. They also stole trucks from the poultry farm to take out the loot. Then we saw photos of these branded trucks on the territory of Belarus with an ugly letters V and Z on the body.

There are also a lot of audio intercepts where ruZZian soldiers communicate with their wives and mothers. They tell them how much money they were able to steal, how they steal sneakers, clothes, perfumes, blenders and teapots from Ukrainian homes.

This is not an army. This is a shame for the whole world. And we all need to stop them together. 


Artem and whole PM-Store team

P.S. You can see on photo of ruined house at Borodyanka what "ruzzian world" means.