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WE ARE OPENED and SHIP ORDERS despite war.

We will bury all ruZZian dickheads into our fertile Ukrainian soil! This Autumn we will have a gorgeous harvest!

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17 May Donation Report. April 2023
pms-admin 0 1952
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10 Apr Report for March 2023
pms-admin 0 463
Hello friends.Artem is here with a regular monthly donation report!As always, first of all, Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!They are saving Ukrainian lives.In March you helped us with $5520The total amou..
27 Mar Kit #1 US Troops 4 Figures 1/35 Master Box 3575 - Build Your Own Military Diorama
pms-admin 0 1825
If you are a fan of military modeling and want to recreate scenes from the Iraq War, the Iraq Kit #1 US Troops 4 Figures 1/35 by Master Box is an excellent choice for your next project. This kit is produced by the well-respected hobby model kit compa..
27 Mar Build a Realistic Check Point in Iraq with the 1/35 US Check Point Model Kit by Master Box - Available Now!
pms-admin 0 1793
If you're looking for a new figure model kit to add to your collection, the US Check Point in Iraq 4 FIG. 1/35 MASTER BOX 3591 might be just what you need. This kit, produced by the well-known manufacturer MASTER BOX, offers a unique and detailed dep..
27 Mar Create Realistic Modern US Infantry Figures with the MASTER BOX 35193 Model Kit from Plastic Models Store
pms-admin 0 1760
The MASTER BOX 35193 "UNDER FIRE" modern US infantry figure model kit is a must-have for anyone who loves military history and enjoys building and painting figure model kits. This kit is perfect for those who are looking for a challenging and rewardi..
26 Mar Recreate the Bravery of the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment with the MASTER BOX 3550 Figure Model Kit
pms-admin 0 1725
The 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment played a critical role in the American Civil War, and now, thanks to the MASTER BOX 3550 figure model kit you can recreate their bravery and heroism in your own home. Whether you are a history buff, a hobbyist, o..
15 Mar Master Box 35226 1/35 Russian-Ukrainian War Series, Kit № 4: Depicting the Bravery of Territorial Defence Forces of Ukraine Against Russian Invaders in Bucha, April 2022
pms-admin 0 1630
If you're a fan of figure model kits, then you'll definitely want to check out the latest release from MASTER BOX - the Master Box 35226 1/35 Russian-Ukrainian War Series, Kit № 4. This highly-detailed set showcases the Territorial Defence Forces of ..
14 Mar Report for February 2023
pms-admin 0 1990
Hello friends.Artem is here with a regular monthly donation report!As always, first of all, Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!They are saving Ukrainian lives.In February you helped us with $1470The total a..
07 Mar Master Box 35225 - 1/35 - Russian-Ukrainian War Series: Honouring the Defenders of Kharkiv with Figure Model Kits
pms-admin 0 3077
The MASTER BOX 35225 - 1/35 - Russian-Ukrainian War Series. Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022 Kit № 3 is a powerful reminder of the courage and sacrifice of soldiers in the face of invasion and conflict. The Ukrainian army fought valiantly to defend the..
04 Mar Railway Model Kits - Trains, Locomotives and Accessories for Your Collection on Plastic model store
marketing 0 1733
Train model kits are a fantastic way to add a unique and fun touch to your model train collection. Whether you’re looking to build your own locomotive from scratch, or just want to add some small details and character to an existing model, railway mo..
27 Feb Modelsvit Aircrafts on Plastic Models Store: Variety of Aircraft Model and Submarine Online
marketing 0 1695
If you’re a die-hard model enthusiast who’s looking for the perfect aircraft and submarine models, then look no further than Plastic Models Store! We offer a wide range of planes model kits Modelsvit on our website that offer an impressive array of r..
27 Feb MIKRO MIR Aircraft, Ship and Submarine Model Kits Online at Plastic Models Store
marketing 0 269
If you're looking for the perfect model kits to build your own aircraft, ship, or submarine, then look no further than MIKRO MIR from Plastic Models Store. MIKRO MIR is a leading producer of hobby model kits and accessories with over 50 years of expe..
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