Hello friends. Artem is here!

I will never get tired of thanking the people who joined and sent us such important donations!
Help from volunteers plays a crucial role in our struggle.

July 2023 RESULTS
You donated through our website $2400
In total, our foundation was able to collect and spend $13.200

The Ukrainian offensive is advancing, but it is moving slowly. 
For almost two months we have been burrowing deep into the incredibly dense defenses of the enemy, through a territory completely mined and pitted with trenches.
They have been preparing for our offensive for a whole year.
It is hard for us, we are moving slowly, we are suffering losses, but we will not stop.

Last week Thailand hosted the World Rowing Championship. The national team of Ukraine also took part in it.
At one of the turns, a long boat of Ukrainians was covered by a wave and the boat almost sank.
But I told you, Ukrainians don't give up.

After watching this video, I want to tell you once again..
No matter how hard it is for us - we will fight to the end!
We won't give up!
And your support makes us even stronger.

Well, now to the news that happened last month.
My last report was chaotic, my second cousin asked for help with the car.
I began to actively engage in the search for the necessary pickup truck.
There was an option to buy a Volkswagen T4 - but the guys clearly said that only a 4x4 SUV was needed.
The neighboring unit lost their car only because it couldn't get out of the ground.

But on July 31, the cousin wrote me that his war ended for an indefinite period.
He tore his achilles for the third time.
He did not go into details but wrote that they were getting out of hell.
He said there was a swarm of russian drones above them and artillery covered them from three sides - they were running away from the "horseshoe".
He says they ran almost on their hands. And his ligament could not withstand such a load.
Therefore, we are now postponing the search for a 4х4 SUV for his division.
Perhaps I will need to help him with treatment because the last time he had the same injury - Ukrainian doctors said - "take care of your leg if you tear the ligament next time, in Ukraine they may not do it for you."
In general, I'm waiting for news from my cousin.

I've asked him: Tell me, how are things at the front? You see everything from the inside. Tell me, can we breach their defenses and generally defeat them?
He replied: We will break through and win but at a very high price.

In the meantime, the terrorussians continue to terrorize our cities with their missiles.
Recently in Zaporizhzhia, there were 2 rocket hits at the Reikartz Hotel.

Why did this video impress me and I decided to share it with you?
Just imagine, you are walking with your family with children in the park - and before your eyes, two rockets fly into the building in front of you.
Children automatically fall to the ground at the sound of a rocket, and from the explosion they begin to cry.
This is not the worst video of this war, but just a small episode of one particular family.

And now a little bit about the news from our fund, to which you send your donations.
If you remember, in April we bought a good anti-drone rifle for $12,000.

It was destroyed last month. The guys came under heavy artillery fire.
But this rifle worked for almost 2.5 months and I hope it helped more than once.
It is possible that some undamaged parts can be used as a donor for another anti-drone rifle.

Well, in the end, I will share a little news about our store.
For a long time, we were exclusively a store of Ukrainian brands.
But we rested on the fact that we already have all possible Ukrainian brands.
But we need to grow up and offer you more products.
So we are starting to expand.
This month, I'm excited to introduce several new brands in our store:
1. Techmod Decals - a well-known Polish decals brand
2. SBS Model - resin accessories and decals
3. Yahu Models - photo-etched panels for a low price
4. Red Fox Studio - highly detailed 3D acrylic instrument panels for aircraft
5. HGW Models - textile and PE seat belts, decals and more

Thank you, friends, see you next month. 

Slava Ukraini!

What did we do in July 2023?
1. We bought the perfect drone with thermal imager DJI Mavic 3T for a 5700$
2. Bought 43" TV and power station for drone operators who will use this drone  
3. I helped partially to my father-in-law to buy a drone. He collected funds for DJI Mavic 3 for his neighbor, about $450 was missing so I helped him
4. For humanitarian purposes was bought 100pcs of folding beds for Kherson refugees.

What are we planning to do in August 2023?
1. Drone DJI Mavic 3T - 5800$ worth - one more
2. Car for soldiers - 5000-7000$ worth
3. Digital Repeater Motorola MotoTRBO SLR 5500 VHF - 3500$ worth


Foundation results up to the end of July 2023:

(your help through our website)
 (including website donations)
APRIL 20232.280$ (76 donations)20.800$
MAY 20232.310$ (77 donations)5.700$
JUNE 20232.400$ (80 donations)76.300$
JULY 20232.400$ (80 donations)13.200$
(starting April 2022)
32.700$ (1090 donations)204.900$

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Below you can find what we bought on July 2023: