Hello friends.

December 2023 RESULTS
You donated through our website $2640
In total, our foundation was able to collect and spend $4.300 (not too much, most people need to spend on Christmas and holidays)

Thanks to all people who joined and sent us such important donations!

2023 is over.
We had very high hopes for this year.
Not everything worked out as we wanted and hoped for.
But we still continue to fight!

Noone believed in us.
Before russia invaded, in February 2022, we saw how flights to Ukraine started to cancel.
We saw embassies of many countries evacuated and closed. These same embassies recommended their citizens to urgently leave Ukraine.
The governments of all countries knew what would happen.

They did not believe Ukrainians will stand over than 48 hours of invasion.
We have seen these sympathetic looks from other countries.
We have heard impotent concerns from the UN.
They didn’t even sell us serious weapons, because all were sure that the russians would capture it all.

But now we have been fighting for almost 2 years!
Never before has the world seen such a large-scale and bloody war since the World War II.
We have winter depression, tormented by chronic lack of sleep and incredible fatigue.
But we continue to fight.

Our country has lost many people.
Both at the frontline and as intellectual and labor resources.
A lot of Ukrainians fled from the war to different countries.
But almost everyone wants to return back home after the war!
We love our home and will continue to fight for it!

In this post I would like to summarize 2023 year.

During this time our managers and I got a lot of new friends!
We regularly emailing with them, many of you already have souvenirs from Ukraine, and some of you send us gifts in return.
Lately we got Australian flag to our office wall!
Guys, I know you are reading this now!
Thank you for your regular donations and keep standing with us.

In total, in 2023 you helped us in the amount of $30,420 (in 2022 - $14,250)
And in total since the beginning of the war, when we founded our fund, your help was $44,670

Perhaps this is a lot, perhaps it is not enough, but I know for sure that this money brought a lot of benefits.
It helped to avoid injuries - a lot of protective equipment was purchased
It helped to avoid death - we helped wounded soldiers with treatment. Your money was shot down by deadly kamikaze drones
But unfortunately, this money also helped to bury the dead warrior.
I bow deeply and thank everyone who helped us and continues to help.

Today, while writing this text, fantastic news came.
Ukraine shot down two russian aircrafts deep in the rear.
Beriev A-50 long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft $350 million worth was destroyed (russia had only 6 such aircrafts).
It was most likely shot down by a Patriot missile for $3 million worth. Valuable irreplaceable aircraft crew also lost.

As for me, this is the best investment that NATO countries could make!

That is why we always ask to provide us not only old equipment, but something fresher.
Because we can sink a cruiser, blow up the Crimean bridge, destroy what was considered indestructible!

Ukrainians are smart, inventive people)
With our own hands you can push the soviet infection back for decades so that it will no longer pose a threat to the entire world.

Guys! Please continue  to support us!

Thank you for staying with us!

Peace, friends!
Slava Ukraini!

What did we do in December 2023?
1. Equiped Odessa mobile firing group with flashligt, laser pointers, diesel generator and FPV glasses - they started study how to fly FPV drones
2. Vortex Spitfire riflescope
3. Heating supplies

What are we planning to do in January 2024?
1. Drone - ProDrone FPV 10inch VTx1.2(2w) - 600$ worth
2. Drone - Dji Mavic 3E - 3500$ worth
3. "ShaBlya" - remote turret - 3100$ worth 4. Heating supplies


Foundation results up to the end of December 2023:

(your help through our website)
 (including website donations)
MARCH-JUNE 20222.280$ (76 donations)31.750$
JULY 20221.290$ (43 donations)4.300$
AUGUST 20221.320$ (44 donations)4.200$
SEPTEMBER 20221.500$ (50 donations)6.100$
OCTOBER 20222.280$ (76 donations)6.600$
NOVEMBER 20223.930$ (131 donations)6.850$
DECEMBER 20221.650$ (55 donations)3.327$
JANUARY 20232.070$ (69 donations)9.720$
FEBRUARY 20231.470$ (49 donations)7.250$
MARCH 20235.520$ (184 donations)8.800$
APRIL 20232.280$ (76 donations)20.800$
MAY 20232.310$ (77 donations)5.700$
JUNE 20232.400$ (80 donations)76.300$
JULY 20232.400$ (80 donations)13.200$
AUGUST 20232.100$ (70 donations)11.600$
SEPTEMBER 20231.740$ (58 donations)10.600$
OCTOBER 20233.510$ (117 donations)11.100$
NOVEMBER 20231.980$ (66 donations)6.900$
DECEMBER 20232.640$ (88 donations)4.340$
(starting April 2022)
44.670$ (1401 donations)249.440$

Below you can find what we bought on December 2023: