Hello PM-Store friends.

April 2024 RESULTS
You donated through our website $2100
In total, our foundation spent $7500

Thanks to all the people who joined and sent us such important donations!
Special thanks to our regular donors. You are making a significant contribution to our activities.

Just a quick update. We can't accept payment for donations to our Paypal anymore. You can continue to donate through credit card payments.

We are fine.

As you know, the russians have launched a new offensive near the city of Kharkiv.
Now another city of ours is being wiped off the face of the earth - Vovchansk.
Near Bakhmut, which the russians destroyed a year ago, the next city is now being destroyed - Chasiv Yar.
Scorched earth tactics.

Ruzzians are crawling out of every crack like cockroaches.

We simply do not have time to destroy them. 
They are just clashing us with their numbers like orcs from The Lord of the Rings.
I can’t understand where they get so much "live meat"?
Where do so many soldiers come from? 
And do they really have such an inexhaustible source of soldiers that they spend them so mercilessly?
According to independent estimates, they lost from 300 to 480 thousand people killed and wounded. 
Just think about this number.
And this is in just a little more than 2 years of war.
But the problem is that we are also losing soldiers.
We are losing the best.
But Terrorussia is losing the scum of society - convicts and civilians who are mired in loans and criminal prosecutions—those who went to kill us for $2,200 a month.

I’ll tell you a little about our work

In February, when we were collecting drones for FPV drones, one of our regular donater-friend donated $1000, but asked to use it for some other purpose.
For a long time, I could not find a use, because I wanted this amount to complete some project.
And then one day my friend from Odessa called me - Drone Catchers.
He told the following story: they have now recruited new soldiers without experience. 
And these soldiers shoot down very few drones. 
But commanders demand results. 
They need to study, but the base is very far from their positions because these mobile groups are on duty in the fields on the shores of the Black Sea.
So they came up with the idea of making a mobile field training center.
They bought an old tourist wagon and asked for help renovating the inside.
And they asked about $900. Bingo! This is what was needed!
This month they finally finished renovating the van.

There were also other purchases. We bought a mine detector for our neighbor Victor. We also ordered two refrigerators for blood plasma in Kherson as part of humanitarian aid.

Guys! Please continue to support us on the way to our freedom!

Thank you for staying with us!

Peace, friends!
Slava Ukraini!

What did we do in April 2024?
1. Mine detector Garrett Recon-PRO AML-1000 - 3500$ worth
2. 2pcs of Blood plasma Refrigerators Tefcold SE40-45-P - 2600$ worth 3. Repair of a wagon for Odessa Mobile Firing Group  - 900$ worth

What are we planning to do in May 2024?
1. Night Vision device  - 2300$ worth 2. Choosing between few requests, you will now about that next month


Foundation results up to the end of April 2024:

(your help through our website)
 (including website donations)
MARCH-JUNE 20222.280$ (76 donations)31.750$
JULY 20221.290$ (43 donations)4.300$
AUGUST 20221.320$ (44 donations)4.200$
SEPTEMBER 20221.500$ (50 donations)6.100$
OCTOBER 20222.280$ (76 donations)6.600$
NOVEMBER 20223.930$ (131 donations)6.850$
DECEMBER 20221.650$ (55 donations)3.327$
JANUARY 20232.070$ (69 donations)9.720$
FEBRUARY 20231.470$ (49 donations)7.250$
MARCH 20235.520$ (184 donations)8.800$
APRIL 20232.280$ (76 donations)20.800$
MAY 20232.310$ (77 donations)5.700$
JUNE 20232.400$ (80 donations)76.300$
JULY 20232.400$ (80 donations)13.200$
AUGUST 20232.100$ (70 donations)11.600$
SEPTEMBER 20231.740$ (58 donations)10.600$
OCTOBER 20233.510$ (117 donations)11.100$
NOVEMBER 20231.980$ (66 donations)6.900$
DECEMBER 20232.640$ (88 donations)4.340$
JANUARY 20242.070$ (69 donations)8.150$
FEBRUARY 20244.950$ (165 donations)21.180$
MARCH 20243.960$ (132 donations)4.310$
APRIL 20242.100$ (70 donations)7.500$
(starting April 2022)
57.750$ (1925 donations)290.540$

Below you can find what we bought in April 2024: