Hello friends. Artem is here!
Sorry for the delay with the monthly report. Wanted to do that on Monday but it became ready just now.

First of all, thank all of you, my friends, who joined and sent us such important donations!
They keep saving Ukrainian lives.

You donated through our website $2280
In total, our foundation was able to collect and spend $20800 - this is the biggest amount we ever were able to collect

I am writing to you in the middle of May, so I will tell you the news as of today.
But in the financial report, I will be strict as an accountant and will describe the numbers from April 1 to April 30.

In the beginning, I would like to share with you two videos that impressed me.
These are two cities, Maryinka (10k population) and Bakhmut (70k population).
ruZZian troops have not been able to capture them for more than a year.
These cities are now completely reduced to ruins.

The video of the ruins of Maryinka makes me sad. After all, people lived there a year ago.

And the video of Bakhmut, who is being fired with incendiary shells from MLRS, terrifies me.
Ukrainian soldiers are hiding from the fire in these ruins at the same moment.

The names of these tiny towns will make a huge difference in future history once the war is over.
You can be small, but have great courage!
This applies to these two cities and this applies to every Ukrainian soldier.

After such horrible videos, I will get back to the report.
I have a couple of good news and one bad.

I'll start with the bad one.
A couple of days ago, the guys we helped for a long time got into big trouble.
Of the group of 18 people, 1 dead, 4 seriously injured.
Two of them are in a coma.
That bearded guy who thanked you all in the video for your help in a coma too.

Here is that video with the guys. He is in the middle.

Very bad news, we are depressed of course. These guys were professionals, they fought before the massive invasion on February 24, 2022.
We don't know what happened. We know that it was near Bakhmut.
Now we are trying to find out and, if possible, help with medicines and treatment.

And now to the good news.
Thanks to your help and the help of other caring people, we managed to accomplish the almost impossible as for our tiny charitable foundation.
We made purchases for US$20800 in April.
This is an incredible amount, given that earlier we were able to make purchases for 6000-7000 monthly.
The offensive of Ukraine is coming soon and the sooner we help the guys, the more lives we can save!

We managed to buy a mine detector and a thermal rifle scope for my second cousin in the shortest time. He is in the engineering sapper platoon.

One day in the middle of April I asked him: Did the army provide your platoon with mine detectors?
He replied: Yes! But these are not mine detectors, but metal detectors. They squeak at every artillery fragment in the ground. And now there are more fragments in the earth than the soil itself. Also, we can not even set the class of metal to detect.

After that words, we bought them a good Italian mine detector. They became so happy!
And we planned to buy them a thermal rifle scope in a month.
But one day at the beginning of May he typed me a message, that their group will be sent in 2 days to the frontline, so we had to react urgently.

We literally collected US$3400 in 1 day and bought them demanded thermal scope.
We did not even have time to send it to the place of deployment.
Therefore, on the way to the front, they have driven to Kyiv and took the thermal imager from us.

My cousin's group of 20 people now has one good mine detector and one thermal imager. I'm happy!

They are happy too and wanted to say a few words to you! 
P.S. My cousin is on the right, that big one guy

But to be honest, I'm really worried about him.
He writes that in a couple of days, they will go into attack. He told me the direction where he is and said to read the news.
In general, very difficult times begin for our troops. They need to go on the attack. And the attack always takes a lot of lives.

We are very grateful to the coalition of countries that have significantly helped us with equipment and weapons.
And a special thanks for the air defense systems that are protecting us from danger from the sky right now.
In May, Kyiv is subject to very frequent rocket attacks.
And thanks to air defense, almost all cruise missiles, kamikaze drones, and now even supersonic ballistic missiles are shot down.
Thank God the russians are shelling us at night, when there is a curfew, so people do not suffer from the fragments of downed rockets.

That's probably all I wanted to say this time.
All the best to you, my friend. Let's pray that our guys will survive. And so that our offensive will be successful.

Slava Ukraini!

What we did in April 2023?
1. Bought AntiDrone rifle for US$12.000
2. Bought CEIA CMD3 mine detector for my second cousin for a US$3.100
3. Bought thermal detector HikMicro Panther PH50L LRF for a US$3.400
4. Also we had a lot of smaller purchases. You can find them in the spreadsheet at the end of this article

What are we planning to do in May 2023?
1. We will be purchasing one more thermal detector HikMicro Panther PH50L LRF for my second cousin (already bought and delivered)
2. We have a request for one thermal vision, one thermal rifle scope, and binoculars
3. We must help with the treatment of wounded guys


Foundation results up to the end of April 2023:

(your help through our website)
 (including website donations)
APRIL 2023 2280$ (76 donations) 20.800$ 
(starting April 2022)
25.590$ (853 donations) 109.600$

All photos you can find on the top of right column!

Below you can find what we bought on April 2023: