Hello friends.
Artem is here with a regular monthly donation report!
As always, first of all, Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!
They are saving Ukrainian lives.

In February you helped us with $1470
The total amount spent in February was $7250

I have a special surprise for all of you.
Guys we are helping to, wanted to tell you a few words directly from the frontline!

After such a pleasant video message, I will get back to the report.
As you can see, we are doing the main purchases at the end of the month.
Every month we plan to purchase one or two large expensive items.
If there is an additional request for urgent delivery, we change plans.

For example, we got an unscheduled drone request this month.
So we have to adjust our March budget.
Now our guys came for a rotation, but soon they will go back to hell again.
And we urgently need to buy a quadcopter for them before they leave.
But we are already prepared for this.

Volunteering is a very important foundation for our victory.
The government of Ukraine is not ready to cope on its own with such an unprecedented burden. We never could imagine that we'd be in such trouble.
Well, every Ukrainian wants to be involved in the victory. 
Someone with weapons in their hands, like these brave guys, and someone works in the rear, like us.
And of course, with help of people like you, it's much easier for us to do our job.

What we did in February 2023?
1. Bought Night Vision Monocular AGM PVS14-51
2. Batteries Hytera BP2403 - 15pcs
3. We have added the missing amount for the purchase of the drone.
4. We organized one more humanitarian aid from Switzerland for 24000$ value. But all this aid we got for free and mostly didn't spend a penny. Thanks to our friends for the repeated help

What are we planning to do in March?
1. We will be purchasing  Night Vision Rifle Scope PARD SU-45 LRF for around 3400-3500$
2. Drone DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo pack with additional batteries for 2500$
3. Other smaller requests from frontline heroes will be received when we will know what budget will leave for this month.

Slava Ukraini!


Foundation results up to the end of February:

Your donations through our website
February 2023: 49 donations in the amount of $1,470
Total: 593 donations for $17,790

Total foundation results:
February 2023
Total: $80,800