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P-18 Soviet radar vehicle, plastic/resin/photo-etched 1/72 ZZ 72003

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Brand: ZZ
Product Code: 72003
Date Added: 11.04.2014
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P-18 Soviet radar vehicle, plastic/resin/photo-etched 
1/72 scale plastic model kit
ZZ 72003

Manufacturer: ZZ
Scale: 1/72
Material: Resin,photo-etched
Condition: New in Box

The P-18 or 1RL131 Terek (also referred to by the NATO reporting name"Spoon Rest D" in the west) is a 2D VHF radar developed and operated by the former Soviet Union.The P-18 early warning radar is a development of the earlier P-12 radar, the P-18 radar being accepted into service in 1970 following the successful completion of the radars test program.The P-18 was developed by the SKB Design Bureau, a division of State Plant No.197 named after V. I. Lenin who developed the previous P-12, the predecessor of the current Nizhniy Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering (NNIIRT). In 1979 a new secondary IFF radar the 1L22 "Parol" entered into service to complement the P-18, unlike the previous secondary radar NRS-12 (NATO "Score Board") the new interrogator was carried on a separate truck.he P-18 is still in service today and was widely exported, many companies offer upgrade options to improve the performance and reliability of the radar and to replace out-dated components. NNIIRT offers an upgrade package for the P-18 which includes the installation of a solid state transmitter and receiver, automatic jammer suppression equipment as well as PC based signal processing, test and interface equipment.hese upgraded variants of the P-18 can be referred to as the P-18M, P-18-1 or P-18-2 depending on the manufacturer, modification and radar nationality. The P-18 was superseded by the 1L13 "Nebo" VHF surveillance radar in 1984. Currently, the Russian-Belarussian company Defense Systems provides upgrades for P-18 radars.Also Retia, a Czech civil and military electronics company, developed its own, fundamental modernisation of the P-18 under the name ReVEAL. It is now solid state, digitized and fitted with upgraded IFF system, while allowing to utilise also the legacy IFF. The whole equipment is repackaged into a standard container and already sold in several dozen units.The P-18 shares many similarities with the earlier P-12NA and like the P-12 it is mounted on two Ural-4320 truck chassis. The P-18 features many improvements over the P-12 including increased performance, precision and reliability.The P-18 uses a single antenna accomplishing both transmission and reception. The antenna is composed of sixteen Yagi antennas mounted in sets of eight with one set above the other. The radar antenna is mounted on the truck used to transport it improving mobility and the radar also features a mechanism which allows the antenna height and elevation to be altered during operation.[1] Azimuth is scanned mechanically by the antenna with a rotation of 10 r.p.m, the original P-18 used three indicators, including two plan position indicators in addition to a back-up A-scope.

P-18 Radar
P 18-2.jpg
P-18 radar in Germany with Parol IFF
Country of origin  Soviet Union
Introduced 1970
Type Early Warning
Frequency VHF
Range 250 km
Altitude 35 km
Azimuth 360 degrees
Elevation -5-15 degrees
Precision 1 km range
Power 260 kW

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