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AFGHAN MOTORCADE 1979-1989 URAL-375D, -375A, ATZ-5-375, BTR-60PB 1/72 ICM DS7201

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Brand: ICM
Product Code: ICMDS7201
Date Added: 25.03.2019
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Afghan Motorcade (1979-1989) (URAL-375D, URAL-375A, ATZ-5-375, BTR-60PB)
1/72 vehicle scale plastic model kit
ICM DS7201
Manufacturer: ICM (Ukraine)
Scale: 1/72
Material: Plastic
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box
Scale model 1:72 Motorcade in Afghanistan (1979-1989 years) - URAL-375D, URAL-375A, ATZ-5-375, BTR-60PB (ICM DS7201)
The model has an excellent study and detailing and is designed for assembly by experienced modellers.
  • Length of URAL-375D, mm: 105
  • Length of URAL-375A, mm: 111
  • Length of ATZ-5-375, mm: 104
  • Length of the BTR-60PB, mm: 101
Ural-375D is an all-wheel drive off-road truck, produced at the Ural Automobile Plant in Miass since the early 1960s of the 20th century. The truck was used to transport troops, cargo, and also as a chassis for strike weapons, such as the Grad multiple-launch rocket systems, is still used in the national economy.
The three-axle vehicle Ural-375 of high cross, type 6X6, is designed for the carriage of goods and towing trailers on various roads and off-road sections. The platform of the car is equipped with seats for the transport of people and a removable awning. Ural-375A - chassis with an extended frame for installation of the K-375 box body.
ZIL-131 is an army truck of the Moscow Likhachev Automobile Plant, the main model. Was a replacement for the truck ZIL-157. A significant part of these machines were made for the Soviet Army. Its modification was ATZ-5-375 - a fuel tank.
BTR-60PB - the most perfect modification, the first Soviet combat vehicle with a drive on eight wheels, was produced in 1966-1976. It had an indoor building with a turret, which housed KPVT and PKT machine guns. These machines entered service with the Soviet Army, the People's Army of the GDR, and were also widely exported to many countries of the world.
The kit includes:
  • frames with details
  • decal (sticker)
  • the frame is made of transparent plastic
  • scheme for coloring model
  • step by step assembly instructions


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