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Collection model submarine HMS Astute 1/350 BUILT MODELS EASY MODEL EM37502

Collection model submarine HMS Astute 1/350 BUILT MODELS EASY MODEL EM37502
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Collection model submarine HMS Astute 1/350 BUILT MODELS EASY MODEL EM37502

Collection model submarine HMS Astute
Built Models
Easy Model EM37502
Manufacturer: Easy Model


Scale: 1/350
Material: Plastic
Condition: New in Box

HMS Astute is a nuclear-powered submarine in the Royal Navy, thelead ship of her class. Astute is the second submarine of the Royal Navy to be named after the characteristic of shrewdness and discernment. The first was the World War II Amphion-class Astute. She is the largest attack submarine the Royal Navy has commissioned.Built as a successor to the Trafalgar class, Astute is 50% bigger than the T-boats but has a smaller crew. The 7,400-tonne Astute's nuclear reactor will not need to be refuelled during the vessel's 25-year service. Since the submarine can purify water and air, she will be able to circumnavigate the planet without resurfacing.he main limit is that the submarine will only be able to carry three months' supply of food for 98 crew.Astute was ordered from GEC's Marconi Marine (now BAE Systems Submarine Solutions) on 17 March 1997. She was laid down at BAE's submarine facility in Barrow-in-Furness on 31 January 2001, 100 years to the day after the keel was laid down for the Royal Navy's first submarine Holland 1.She was the first submarine built in the UK sinceHMS Vengeance in 1998.The Royal Navy announced a speed of 29 knots for the class, but it is reported this speed could not be reached in the trials due to a mismatch between the reactor and the turbine. It is unclear if this problem can be overcome.In November 2012 The Guardian reported that there had been a serious leak that caused an emergency surfacing because a cap for a pipe was made of the wrong metal, even though the inventory claimed proper checks had been made, that there were problems with reactor monitoring instruments because the wrong grade of lead was used, and circuit boards had not been correctly fitted. The Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems confirmed the problems were being worked on. An MoD spokesman said "It is normal for first of class trials to identify areas where modifications are required and these are then incorporated into later vessels of the class."

Astute on the shiplift outside Devonshire Dock Hall after launch
Career (United Kingdom)
Name: HMS Astute
Ordered: March 1997
Builder: BAE Systems Submarine Solutions,
Laid down: 31 January 2001
Launched: 8 June 2007
Commissioned: 27 August 2010
Homeport: HM Naval Base Clyde
Identification: Pennant number: S119
Status: Sea trials
General characteristics
Class & type: Astute-class submarine
Displacement: 7,000 tonnes, surfaced


Scale 1/35

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