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Prefabricated wooden model ship Royal Louis 1/90 MAMOLI mamv40

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Product Code: mamv40
Date Added: 20.10.2014
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Prefabricated wooden model ship Royal Louis
1/90 scale plastic model kit
Mamoli mamv40

Manufacturer: Mamoli 
Scale: 1/90
Material: tree
Condition: New in Box

The Royal Louis was a ship of the line of the French Royal Navy. She was constructed at Toulon between 1666 and 1670 under the direction of Rodolphe Gédéon and served as flagship of the French fleet in the Mediterranean. She was sold in 1694.[On his visit to Toulon in 1683, the English naval engineer Edmund Dummer described the Royal Louis as "a great ship and glorious in her first carving, no doubt; but to my judgment not of good proportion, nor good workmanship, her figure under water I know not, nor is that above to be admired".Он был одним из самых мощных кораблей 1-го ранга, входящих в состав французского Королевского флота того времени. Его вооружение состояло из 36-ти, 24-х и 12-ти фунтовых пушек. В военное время на корабле дополнительно размещался корпус стрелков и бомбардиров и команда корабля составляла 1260 человек.

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