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S-125 'Neva-SP "air missile air defense system of self-propelled rocket launcher 1/72 PST 72066

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Brand: PST
Product Code: PST72066
Date Added: 21.10.2014
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S-125 'Neva-SP "air missile air defense system of self-propelled rocket launcher
PST 72066

Manufacturer: PST
Scale: 1/72
Material: Plastic
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

The S-125 Neva (Russian С-125 Нева, NATO reporting name: SA-3 GOA) is a radar-guided anti-aircraft missile system, which was developed in the Soviet Union from the design office Isaev and from 1961 war.Das in the armed forces of the Warsaw Pact in the use of S -125 represents a further development of the S-75 system. The radars Side Net and FlatFace were largely unchanged. The West learned of the early 1959 system by a photo reconnaissance of the rocket test site Kapustin Yar. At this time, final tests were carried out with a nearly completed missiles. The first S-125 batteries were in the period 1961-1964 around Moscow in position gebracht.Das entire system is mounted on trucks and trailers, which makes a quick change of location possible. On each truck TEL there are normally two missiles at fixed starters usually up to four units. The following vehicles are required for the operation of an S-125 battery: a Raketenleitstation, a power supply unit and a cabin for the Bedienungsmannschaft.Parallel for land-based version is also a naval version was developed. This is referred to as M-1 Volna (NATO reporting name: SA-N-1A) means. The first test took place aboard the destroyer Brawyi (Kotlin class) held in 1962. That same year, the system was introduced. The missile 4K90 (also W-600) used has a range of 4-15 km and a vertical range of 0.1 to 10 km. Only one target can be tackled at once, the system further includes a ground-to-ground mode of operation that allows the use of the missiles also against surface targets. The Magazine of ZIF-101 missiles starter includes 16 missiles. Later, the ZIF-102 launcher was introduced on newer vessels, which can accommodate 32 missiles. The system was delivered to Poland and India. The following cameras are used: The S-125 came in several conflicts used (Kosovo War, Second Gulf War, etc.). In general, the system proved to be very effective, as the opposing forces often possessed powerful electronic warfare capabilities and the crews were often inadequately trained. During the Kosovo war succeeded on March 27, 1999, acclaimed launch of a F-117 Nighthawk by a Serbian S-125 unit. The circumstances are still unknown exactly. It is believed, among other things, that the Serbs were able to determine the exact route of the F-117 by their intelligence. As secured, the fact that a composite is manufactured by three radar devices to increase the probability of detection. The use of Videoystems (or other retrofitted EO) system must be regarded as a realistic scenario.

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