Hello friends.
Artem is here with a regular monthly donation report!
As always, first of all, Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!
They are saving Ukrainian lives.

In March you helped us with $5520
The total amount spent in March was $8800

I want to say a separate "thank you" to one hidden superhero, who donated $3600 for purchasing Night Vision Monocular.
Californian SuperHero, I know you are reading this, thank you again. You know, guys are using it right now!

Spring is coming.
And with it our hopes of victory.
The soil in our fields will soon dry out, the clouds will soon disperse and the thunder of retribution will fall on the heads of the invaders.
In the meantime, our guys are in difficult conditions. Snow melts in the fields, then falls again and melts again.

Watch the video. This is April 8. I bow my head to our heroes.

After such a courageous video I will get back to the report.
In March, we did a very good job. And it's thanks to you!
After my letter that in February we managed to collect only 1470$ donations through our web site, in March you helped us a lot.
We even still have funds for a serious April purchase.

In April, we plan to buy a powerful anti-drone gun for a $12,000
We have never made such expensive purchases, but apparently, the time has come. So we are working hard on it. We should to buy it

As soon as we buy this gun, our foundation will start to help my second cousin.
I already told you about him.
He received a shrapnel wound in the leg. Now he has completed rehabilitation, completed training in the Czech Republic, and will be moving to the front in a month.

He is in the assault battalion, in the sapper department - in the Czech Republic he was trained on the amazing CEIA CMD3 mine detector, which we will try to buy him.
It is difficult to get it, but there are analogs for example GARRETT RECON PRO AML-1000

Victory is drawing near and we continue to work hard to save as many lives as possible.
Offensive is always very bloody. There will be many deaths and injuries.
We try to do at least something to reduce this a little bit.
Thank you for supporting us!

Slava Ukraini!

What we did in March 2023?
1. Bought Night Vision Rifle Scope PARD SU-45 LRF with additional battery and mount
2. Offroad tires for evacuation Humvee
3. Drone DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo pack with additional batteries
4. Smaller purchases like a replacement battery for a Pulsar night vision device, humanitarian AID from Switzerland donators etc.

What are we planning to do in April?
1. We will be purchasing an AntiDrone rifle for US$12.000
2. Not sure we will have finances left, but next will be purchasing a mine detector and night vision device for my second cousin.


Foundation results up to the end of March:

Your donations through our website
March 2023: 184 donations in the amount of $5,520
Total: 777 donations for $23,310

Total foundation results:
March 2023
Total: $88,800