Hello friends. Artem is on air.

Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!
In October you helped us with $2280
The total amount spent in October was $6600

For almost a month now, Kyiv had everyday blackouts, as well as the whole of Ukraine.

Could you imagine if there were no electricity in your city 3 times a day for 4 hours?
12 hours a day! Half a day blackout!
In the 21st century in the capital of a European country!
And you all know why! Terrorussia is destroying our civilian energy infrastructure. I do not understand only one thing, how can this harm the Ukrainian army, which is in the fields? This is a blow to civilians, not to the army. Do they think that after that we will raise our hands and fall at their king's feet? This only proves more to us and to the whole world what evil the gas-station-country is.

But our office is very lucky. Some important critical infrastructure facility is located on our electrical line.
Therefore, your orders are processed daily without delay and we are online!

As you already know, Ukraine is now returning territories, squeezing out the occupier back.
We are very happy about this because with the liberation of the territories we are bringing the end of the war closer.
Remember! Our victory is also your merit!
Thanks to the support of the entire civilized world, Ukraine, which is 30 times smaller than Terrorussia, has survived and is confidently knocking out the teeth of the second army of the world, which turned out to be an army of medieval barbarians and thieves.

Thank you all very much.

What we did in October?
1. Night Vision Monocular was bought along with a helmet mount. Cost 4900$
2. Starlink station + voltage regulator! Also paid subscription, fighters are connected to the internet now!
3. We bought a small drone Dji Mini 2 to my friend. This small drone helps him to check the quality of their position masking from the air.
4. Also for the rest we bought warm clothes.

What are we planning to do in November?
We had a request for a 2 night vision devices, but a few days ago guys from the frontline said that they got them as a trophy from terrorussians!
1. So they asked for a 4x4 SUV. This should be the major purchase of the month.
2. If we will have enough of money, we will purchase DJI Mavic 3 drone.
3. For the rest, we will continue buying warm clothes and small but important things as cigarettes, underwear, etc.
4. Liberate the Crimea... not sure that we do this in November, but I wish to believe in thatб if you don't mind.

Slava Ukraini, friends!


Foundation results up to the end of September:

Your donations through our website
October 2022: 76 donations in the amount of $2,280
Total: 289 donations for $8,670

Total foundation results:
September 2022
: $6,600
: $53,700