Hello friends. Artem is here.

Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!
Also big thanks to Joe from California and Jim from Scalemates.
In September you helped us with $1500
The total amount spent in September was $6100

I wanted to fill this report on Monday, but as you know, Ukraine was covered by a massive missile attack, so these days we tried to stay at safe places.
After this attack, our power plants across the whole of Ukraine were damaged. Now we will have problems with electricity. We will have rolling blackouts to save energy.
These are civilian objects, you will say, but the terrorussia has long shown that the rules and customs of warfare are alien to them. 

I hope you all already know that since September, the Ukrainian Army has begun to actively return its occupied territories.
We retreated all these 8 months, losing territories. But all these 8 months we were preparing. It's time to show what we are capable of.

Thanks to the work of tens and hundreds of thousands of small charities like ours, thanks to the help of democratic countries, as well as thanks to the help of the people of these countries, who are not indifferent like you, we are prepared to punch the invader in the teeth.

What did we do in September?
1. We bought warm clothes. Jackets, pants, underwear.
2. We bought several stoves and additional pipes for them
3. There was a request for mud tires for SUV. We have fulfilled it.
4. Bought a mine detector and we made small partial help to buy DJI Mavic 3 drone.

What are we planning to do in October?
We are already preparing for winter.
1. The most important and largest purchase of October is the Night Vision Monocular. From Poland. Cost 4550$
2. Buying a Starlink station + voltage regulator (already bought and sent)
3. If there is still money left, we will continue buying warm clothes.

Slava Ukraini, friends!


Foundation results up to the end of September:

Your donations through our website
September 2022: 50 donations in the amount of $1,500
Total: 213 donations for $6,390

Total foundation results:
September 2022
: $6,100
: $47,100