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1/35 Scale

Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN-SDM35016
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: SDM 35016 Scale: 1:35Condition: New in Box  ..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN-SDM35012
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: SDM 35012 Scale: 1:35Condition: New in Box ..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN-SDM35015
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: SDM 35015 Scale: 1:35Condition: New in Box  ..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN-SDM35013
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: SDM 35013 Scale: 1/35Condition: New in Box  ..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35548
Manufacturer: Dan Models (Ukraine)Code: 35548 Scale: 1/35 Condition: New in Box Photo-Ethed : Unpainted ..
Brand: Miniart Model: MA38026
Product code: 38026Manufacturer: MiniartCountry of origin: UkraineScale: 1: 35Build-up model 1:35 "X" series trams (medium type) (MiniArt 38026)The model has a high level of detail and is designed for experienced modelers.Model length, mm: 273The motor car of the X series is a typical serial model o..
Brand: Miniart Model: MA35620
Product code: 35620Manufacturer: MiniartCountry of origin: UkraineScale: 1: 35Difficulty level: ProfessionalAccessories 1:35 Italian gas station (1930-40) (Miniart 35620)The kit includes:9 frames with details2 frames are made of transparent plasticdecal (sticker)photo-etchedscheme for painting the m..
Brand: Miniart Model: MA35611
Product code: 35611Manufacturer: MiniartCountry of origin: UkraineScale: 1: 35Difficulty level: ProfessionalAccessories: Road signs from the Second World War (Italy) (Miniart 35611)The kit includes:3 frames with detailsdecal (sticker)scheme for painting the modelstep-by-step instructionGlue, paint a..
Brand: Miniart Model: MA35572
Product code: 35572Manufacturer: MiniartCountry of origin: UkraineScale: 1: 35Difficulty level: Professional1:35 scale railway tools and equipmentThe kit includes:40 plastic partsdetailed illustrated instructions in Russian and EnglishGlue, paint are not included..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35539
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: 35539Scale: 1/35Condition: New in BoxWater lily. Leaves and flowers. Photo-etched and resin ..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35315
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: 35315Scale: 1/35Condition: New in BoxMaterial for dioramas Satellite dish round. Set 6 pieces..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35277
Manufacturer: Dan Models (Ukraine)Code: 35277Scale: 1/35Condition: New in Box..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35276
  MATERIAL FOR DIORAMAS. COUNTRY FURNACE. MATERIAL — GYPSUM & PHOTOETCHING 1/35 DAN MODELS 352701/35 Diorama accessoriesDan Models DAN35270Manufacturer: Dan Models Scale: 1/35Condition: New in Box  ..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35283
Manufacturer: Dan Models (Ukraine)Code: 35283Scale: 1/35Condition: New in BoxTitle: Fire-extinguishers (12 pcs)Type: Parts SetTheme: Fire extinguisher »Other (Accessories)..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35308
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: 35308Scale: 1/35Condition: New in Boxmaterial for dioramas. Folded mattresses. Set number 4..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35307
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: 35307Scale: 1/35Condition: New in BoxMaterial for dioramas. Twisted mattresses. Resin 3D..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35306
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: 35306Scale: 1/35Condition: New in BoxMaterial for dioramas. Mattresses and pillows. Resin 3D..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35297
Manufacturer: Dan Models Code: 35297Scale: 1/35Condition: New in Box shopping basket for shops Set of 6 pcs resin 3D printing..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35556
Manufacturer: Dan Models (Ukraine)Code: 35556Scale: 1/35Condition: New in Box Stencil size - 64 x 91 mm..
Brand: Dan Models Model: DAN35554
Manufacturer: SDMCode: 35553 Scale: 1:35 Material: Plastic Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue. Condition: New in BoxAirbrush Stencil. Spots # 3. 64 * 91mm..
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