Hello friends. Artem is here.

Thanks to all of you, my friends, who joined and sent such important donations!
In December you helped us with $1650
The total amount spent in December was $3327

Here came the year 2023.

All Ukrainians expect that after the terrible 2022, this year will bring us victory over the occupier.
2022 has brought a lot of trials and stresses to our peaceful life. But we got over the panic, persevered, gathered, organized, and began to fight for our lives.
We are doing very well with this, as you can see. And here I once again thank the entire democratic world for supporting Ukraine.
Without you, it would be even more difficult for us to fight invaders.

So, problems with electricity in Kyiv remained. We have blackouts for not more than 4 hours at a time. Once or twice per day.

But we now have autonomous lighting and a mini power station.
That's why our staff packs your orders not by candlelight, but by good lighting.
And in our sockets, even during a blackout, there is always electricity. Well, ruzzians, have you achieved your goal by bombing our energy infrastructure?

And now I will tell you about our volunteer project and its December results.
After a long time of working with the military, we came to the conclusion that our soldiers most often ask to supply only 4 things.

1. Night vision device
2. Thermal imager
3. Drone - ordinary household drones for air reconnaissance
4. Starlink - a device for satellite Internet in fields

In addition, these devices are consumables. At the end of October, we sent a thermal imager to the frontline, but this device crashed during artillery shelling. He was sent for repairs and now he has returned to the unit. Drones generally don't last long also.
But even one drone flight, one night in a trench under the cover of a thermal imager pays for the entire cost of the device, because thanks to it, someone's life may have been saved. And this is our and your greatest reward for what we are doing.

Therefore, requests for these 4 types of purchases never end.

We try to buy at least one thing from this list a month, and when there is money left, we buy more winter clothes. It's very wet and muddy in the trenches right now, so we continue buying rubber boots.

Thank you all very much for your donations. They are saving lives.

What we did in December?
1. Thermal Vision Monocular Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35
2. 37 pairs of rubber boots

What are we planning to do in December?
1. We will be purchasing one more Night Vision Monocular, the same as in October
2. The rest of the funds will be spent on winter clothes
3. If we will be able to collect more, we will ask fighters what they demand right now.

Slava Ukraini!


Foundation results up to the end of December:

Your donations through our website
December 2022: 55 donations in the amount of $1,650
Total: 475 donations for $14,250

Total foundation results:
December 2022
: $3,327
: $63,900