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Tarantul II Polish Navy Missile Corvette 1/400 Mirage 40420

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Brand: Mirage Hobby
Product Code: MIRAGE40420
Date Added: 10.08.2010
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Tarantul II Polish Navy Missile Corvette
1/400 military submarine scale plastic model kit
Mirage 40420

DECALS included

Manufacturer: Mirage Hobby (Poland)
Scale: 1/400
Material: Plastic
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

Projekt 1241.1M 'Molniya'/Nato: Tarantul-II

Second version, with the same propulsion as the previous class but with a rather different superstructure on the basic 'Pauk' class hull. The reason for this was the installation of four SS-N-22 'Sunburn' supersonic ship-to-ship missiles with a range of at least 100 km. The associated radar system is the L-band 'Band Stand' radar, with a 120 km active and 500 km passive range and the capability to track 15 different targets. The missiles can also receive third party guidance trough the 'Light Bulb' uplink (from other ships, helicopters or long range patrol aircraft). Cannon armament is retained, as were the PK-16 launchers, although Soviet Navy ships benefitted from the improved SA-N-8 quadruple MANPAD launcher. At least one ship had a SA-N-11 Kashtan gun+missile CIWS installed instead of the AK-630's.

Although highly capable, the ships had to be heavily modified and were rather overweight and very cramped, further adding to the limited sea-endurance. Other problems occurred with electronic interference and the high electric power consumption. However, as at least 18 Tarantul-II were built for the Soviet navy, most of these problems got solved one way or the other.

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