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Sova Model SM72012 1/72 - Fighter IAR-81C scale model kit, Length 125 mm

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Brand: Dnepro Model
Product Code: SM72012
Date Added: 28.06.2020
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Team 1:72 IAR-81C Sova Model 72012


The model has an excellent study, as well as detailing and is designed for assembly by experienced modellers.


Model Length mm: 125

IAR-81C - a fighter developed by the Romanian company IAR Brasov. The last in the series of modifications of the IAR-80 fighter is the IAR-81C, which is almost identical to the IAR-80C, on which instead of the Ikaria guns stood the more powerful German Mauser MG 151/20 of the same caliber.


The kit includes:


74 plastic parts

decal (sticker)

1 frame made of transparent plastic (cabin lamp)

scheme for coloring the model

detailed instructions in English and Russian

Glue, paint not included

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