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Paper Model Kit Steamboat Krasnoyarsk 1/200 Orel 302 Civil Fleet, USSR, 1959

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Brand: OREL
Product Code: OREL 302
Date Added: 01.06.2020
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Paper Model Kit Steamboat Krasnoyarsk 1/200 Orel 302 Civil Fleet, USSR, 1959


Type: Steamer

Series: Civil Fleet

Country: USSR, 1959

Scale: 1: 200

Volume: 15 x A4


Project 737A steamers are river medium-haul cargo-passenger wheeled steamers. The construction of ships of this type began in the USSR in 1951 at the Kiev shipbuilding plant "Lenin Forge". After the project was implemented in 1959, river passenger ships of this type with steam drive were no longer built in the Soviet Union. Most of them were decommissioned by the mid-eighties, while the ships were usually not decommissioned, but transferred to various tourist camps and rest houses for use as floating hotels. The steamboat of this type “Krasnoyarsk” worked the longest in normal operation, which miraculously managed to survive to this day.


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