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Matilda MK-1 British infantry tank 1/100 Zvezda 6191

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Brand: Zvezda
Product Code: Zvezda 6191
Date Added: 09.03.2014
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Matilda MK-1 British infantry tank
1/100 scale plastic model kit
Zvezda 6191

Manufacturer: Zvezda (Russia)
Scale: 1/100
Material: Plastic
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

The Tank, Infantry, Mk I, Matilda I (A11) was a British infantry tank of theSecond World War. It is not to be confused with the later model Tank, Infantry Mk II (A12), also known as the "Matilda II" which took over the "Matilda" name after the early part of the war when the first Matilda was withdrawn from combat service. They were of totally different design and did not share components, but did have some similar traits because they were both designed to be infantry tanks, a type of tank that tended to sacrifice speed for increased armour protection.The development, of the design by Carden at Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd, began in 1935. The General Staff specification required a cheap tank, effectively requiring the use of commercially available components. It resulted in a small two-man vehicle with a low hull and a small cast turret. The turret was fitted with a single heavy machine gun, either a .303 Vickers machine gun or a larger, Vickers .50 machine gun.

Designed for quick delivery as well as low cost, the A11 used many stock parts from other vehicles: a Ford V8 engine, a Fordson gearbox, a steering mechanism similar to the one used in Vickers light tanks, and suspension adapted from the Mk IV Dragon artillery tractor that was itself based on theVickers 6-Ton Tank Model E.

Although the hull and turret were well protected against contemporary anti-tank weapons, the tracks and running gear were completely exposed and more vulnerable than on tanks that had protected tracks. In addition, the lack of a gun with any anti-tank ability severely limited its utility on the battlefield. Besides operating the machine gun, the commander had to direct the driver and operate the wireless. There being no room in the turret for the wireless, it was placed in the hull and the commander had to duck down inside to operate it.

Tank, Infantry, Mk I, Matilda I (A11)
Matilda Mk I

A11E1 pilot model
Type Infantry tank
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Service history
In service 1938-1940
Production history
Designer Sir John Carden, Vickers-Armstrongs
Designed 1935
Manufacturer Vickers-Armstrongs
Number built 140
Weight 11 Long tons
Length 18 ft 5 in (4.85 m)
Width 8 ft 6 in (2.28 m)
Height 8 ft 3 in (1.86 m)
Crew 2 (commander/gunner, driver)

Armour 10–60 mm
.303 or .50 inch Vickers machine gun
4,000 rounds
Engine 3.6 Litre V8 Ford Model 79 petrol
70 hp (52 kW)
Power/weight 6.36 hp/ton
Suspension Sprung bogie
80 miles (130 km)
Speed 8 mph (12.87 km/h),
off road: 5.6 mph (9 km/h)

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