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German U-boat submarine type XXIII WWII 1/144 ICM S.004

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Brand: ICM
Product Code: ICMS.004
Date Added: 11.12.2008
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German U-boat submarine type XXIII
1/144 WWII military submarine scale plastic model kit
ICM S.004

High-quality details. Decals included, Standing Base for submarine included.

Manufacturer: ICM Models (Ukraine)
Scale: 1/144
Material: Plastic
Number of parts: 23 parts
Dimentions:  241*94 mm
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

U-boats type XXIII belonged to the new generation of German WWII submarines. Designers paid the main attention to increase of speed and range in the submarine position. To the mid 1943 there have designed projects of “electric subs” – ocean type XXI and little coastal type XXIII. The leading submarine U 2321 has delivered June 12, 1944. To the end of the war there were assembled 63 ships. From February 1945 six submarines have performed 10 battle cruises and have sunk 4 Allied merchant ships without self-losses. After the end of war U 2353 has delivered to USSR and served in Soviet Navy as N-31 to 1953. In 1956 sunken U 2365 и U 2367 have raised and have became first FRG Navy submarines as “Hai” (“Shark”) and “Hecht” (“Pike”).

With only 24 parts, ICM's U-Boat will be a very quick build and therefore the focus will be on the painting. Colours are called out on the instructions in Model Master paints but more importantly there is a fair amount of information around at the moment on late war U-boat colours. WEM produce the appropriate colour in their Colorcoat range of enamels and information on those colours can be found on the net at sites like U-boat Colours.com and others.

The decals are nicely printed and cover three boats, one war-time German, U-2322, one Russian, N-31 used till 1953 and one scuttled war-time boat, raised in 1956 and used by the West Germans. Of course, none of them have many markings on them so don’t expect to spend a lot of time decaling.

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