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BTR- 152V1 1/35 SKIF 234

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Brand: SKIF
Product Code: SKIF234
Date Added: 26.02.2014
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BTR- 152V1 
1/35 scale plastic model kit
SKIF 234

Package include:
Photo Etched set Highest quality Eduard
Gum tracks
Plastic parts
Assembly guide

Manufacturer: SKIF (Ukraine)
Scale: 1/35
Material: Plastic
Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

Pretty big box as usual style Skif, bright and colorful , patterned . The box model kit BTR- 152V1 6 sprues. Also in the set are 7 rubber tires , decals and photoetched .Sprues molded parts is pretty good, no burr , the quality of plastic on top. Qualitatively molded thin and fragile part of the team model. Instructions for plastic model BTR- 152V1 traced simple and very easy to understand .


BTR- 152 - armored personnel carrier, created on the basis of units and aggregates truck ZIS -151 . Adopted in 1950. Armored personnel carrier had an open top welded bearing housing . The mass production from 1950 to 1955 . Production continued until 1962. Whole Plant named after Stalin and Bryansk automobile plant produced 12,421 car. Was adopted by the Russian Armed Forces until 1993.

BTR- 152V1 (1957) - equipped with night vision and advanced system adjust the tire pressure ( air supply through the wheel hub ) The BTR-152, based on a truck chassis, has the engine located in the front, the crew behind the engine, and an open-topped troop compartment in the rear. The vehicle has all-welded steel construction with sloped armour. The windscreen is protected by twin armoured shutters with integral vision blocks. Driver and commander enter and exit the vehicle via the doors on each side of the crew compartment. The upper part of the doors can be opened without opening the entire door, allowing both crew members a side view. Additionally both driver and commander can view the battlefield using periscopes mounted over the doors. 

BTR 152 Yerevan.JPG
BTR-152 in Yerevan, Armenia.
Type Armored personnel carrier
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 24 March 1950 - present
Used by See Operators
Wars See Service History
Production history
Designer B. M. Fitterman
Designed November 1946 - 1949
Manufacturer Automotive Factory No. 2 Zavod imeni Stalina (until 1956)
Automotive Factory No. 2 Zavod imeni Likhacheva (from 1956 to 1962)
Produced 1950 - 1962
Number built around 15,000
Variants See Variants
Weight 9.91 tonnes
Length 6.55 m
6.83 m for BTR-152V
Width 2.32 m
Height 2.04 m (without the mg)
2.36 m (with the mg)
2.41 m (BTR-152V with the mg)
Crew 2 (+18 passengers)

Armor welded steel
15 mm front
9 mm sides and rear
10 mm roof
4 mm bottom
7.62mm SGMB light machine gun (1,250 rounds) (12.7 mm DShK 1938/46 heavy machine gun (500 rounds) can be used instead)
2x7.62mm SGMB light machine guns (1,250-1,750 rounds) on side pintel mounts (optional)
Engine ZIS-123 6-cylinder in-line water-cooled petrol (for variants based on ZiS-151)
ZiL-137K 6-cylinder in-line petrol (for variants based on ZiL-157)
110 hp (82 kW) at 3,000 rpm. (for variants based on ZiS-151)
107 hp (80 kW) (for variants based on ZiL-157)
Power/weight 11.1 hp/tonne (8.3 kW/tonne)
10.8 hp/tonne (8.1 kW/tonne) for BTR-152V
Suspension wheeled 6×6
front - 2 leaf springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.
rear - equalising type with 2 leaf springs and torsion bars.
Ground clearance 300 mm
Fuel capacity 300 l (79 gal)
650 km (404 miles)
Speed 75 km/h
65 km/h for BTR-152V

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