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ZiL-157 truck plastic/photo-etched HO kit 1/87 ZZ 87005

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Brand: ZZ
Product Code: ZZ87005
Date Added: 11.04.2014
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ZiL-157 truck plastic/photo-etched
1/87 HO scale plastic model kit
ZZ 87005

Manufacturer: ZZ
Scale: 1/87 HO
Material: Plastic,photo-etched parts
Condition: New in Box

The ZIL-157 is a general purpose 2.5 ton 6x6 truck, produced in post-WW2Soviet Russia. The ZIL-157 was the standard Soviet truck until it was replaced by the ZIL-131 and Ural-375D series that became the standard Soviet army trucks alongside with GAZ-66. The People's Liberation Armyalso produced the CA-30, a copy of the ZIL-157.


  • ZIL-157B: Tractor-trailer version. Produced 1958-1982.
  • ZIL-165: Prototype for ZIL-131. Produced in 1958.
  • ZIL-157
    Czechoslovak 130mm rocket launcher Raketomet vz. 51.jpg
    Manufacturer ZiL
    Also called Jiefang CA-30 (China)
    Production 1958-1994 Soviet Union USSR
    Assembly Moscow, USSR
    Body and chassis
    Class Truck
    Engine 5.6L ZIL-157 I6
    Transmission 5-speed manual
    Wheelbase 4,225 mm (166.3 in)
    Length 6,922 mm (272.5 in)
    Width 2,315 mm (91.1 in)
    Height 2,360 mm (92.9 in)
    Curb weight 5,800 kg (12,787 lb)
    Predecessor ZiS-151
    • ZIL-131
    • Ural-375D

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