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RK-3 Bleichert railway crane plastic/photo-etched HO kit 1/87 ZZ T87001

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Brand: ZZ
Product Code: ZZ87001
Date Added: 11.04.2014
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RK-3 Bleichert railway crane plastic/photo-etched
1/87 HO scale plastic model kit
ZZ T87001

Manufacturer: ZZ
Scale: 1/87 HO
Material: Plastic,photo-etched parts
Condition: New in Box

"Bleichert" ADK 3 was one of the first mobile cranes, which was prepared after the Second World War in the Soviet company "Bleichert transportation equipment factory in Leipzig SAG" in the GDR. 


The complete set includes: 

3 resin parts 

2 photoetching 

8 plastic parts 

coloring scheme for model 

instruction in English

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