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P-15 Soviet radar vehicle plastic/photo-etched HO kit 1/87 ZZ 87031

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Brand: ZZ
Product Code: ZZ87031
Date Added: 11.04.2014
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P-15 Soviet radar vehicle plastic/photo-etched
1/87 HO scale plastic model kit
ZZ 87031

Manufacturer: ZZ
Scale: 1/87 HO
Material: Plastic,photo-etched parts
Condition: New in Box

The P-15 "Tropa" (Russian: "Тропа"; English: "trail") or 1RL13 (also referred to by the NATO reporting name "Flat Face A" in the west) is a 2D UHF radardeveloped and operated by the former Soviet Union.In 1952 SRI-244 started development of what become the P-15 early warning radar; by 1955, the radar had passed state trials and was accepted into service with the anti-aircraft troops of the Soviet armed forces.The P-15 was designed to detect aircraft flying at low altitude and came to be associated with the S-125 "Neva" anti-aircraft system (NATO reporting name SA-3 "Goa"), though it was later replaced by the P-15M2 "Squat Eye" radar which mounted a single radar antenna on a 20-30 meter mast to improve coverage.In 1959, the modernised P-15M "trail" radar passed through the state test program, the modernisation replacing outdated mercury-based electronics. In 1962, another modernisation of the P-15 passed through trials as the P-15N, the radar being developed and produced by the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant.Finally by 1974, the modernisation of the P-15 was so extensive that it resulted in a new designation, the P-19 "Danube", also known as the 1RL134. The P-19 is known in the west as the Flat Face B.The P-15 uses two open frame elliptical parabolicantenna accomplishing both transmission and reception, each antenna being fed by a single antenna feed.The radar can rapidly shift its frequency to one of four pre-set frequencies to avoid active interference, with passive interference being removed by a coherent doppler filter.

P-15 Radar
P-15 Flat Face A at Nellis AFB
Country of origin  Soviet Union
Introduced 1955
Type Surveillance/Target Acquisition
Frequency UHF
Range 150 km
Altitude 3 km
Diameter 11 meters
Azimuth 360 degrees
Elevation 2-14 degrees
Precision 0.3 km range
Power 270 kW

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