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BA-20ZhD Railroad version Soviet vehicle 1/72 ACE 72210

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Brand: Ace Models
Product Code: ACE72210
Date Added: 05.02.2009
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M-102 US 105mm howitzer Vietnam, Iraq POST WWII
1/72 military vehicle scale plastic model kit
ACE models 72419

Manufacturer: ACE Models (Ukraine)
Scale: 1/72
Material: Plastic
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

The BA-20 (Russian: Broneavtomobil 20) was an armored car developed in the Soviet Union in 1936 and used in the early stages of World War II. It was derived from the civilian GAZ-M1 car, which was itself a modified version of a Ford design, produced by the Nizhny Novgorod-based vehicle manufacturer GAZ. The BA-20 was produced at the Vykunskiy Factory.

The principal use of the BA-20 was as a scout vehicle. The BA-20's tires were designed to be resistant to bullets and shrapnel by the simple expedient of filling them with spongey rubber. A variant, the BA-20ZhD, could travel on railway lines by replacing the normal wheels with flanged metal rail-type wheels.

The vehicle was exported to the Spanish Republican side in the Spanish Civil War, although the vast majority of BA-20s built served with the Soviet Red Army. They first saw combat in the conflict with Japan in 1939 on the Khalkin Gol river in Mongolia (see Battle of Khalkin Gol). The BA-20 was used by the Red Army in the Soviet invasion of Poland later in 1939 and the Winter War against Finland in 1940, as well as the early stages of World War II in 1941. Production was ended that same year, with some 4,800 BA-20s having been constructed by that time.


  • BA-20, initial production; command version has clothes-rail antenna
  • BA-20M, improved version; command version has whip antenna
  • BA-20ZhD, rail scout car

Type Armored car
Place of origin  Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1936 to 1945
Used by Soviet Union, Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain
Wars World War II
Weight 2.5 tonnes
Length 4.31 m
Width 1.75 m
Height 2.13 m
Crew 3

Armor 10 mm
7.62 mm DT machine gun
Engine GAZ-M1
50 hp (37 kW)
Power/weight 20 hp/tonne
Suspension wheeled
450 km
Speed 85 km/h


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