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ACS "Yagdpantser« IV Western Front 1944 1/72 BUILT MODELS EASY MODEL EM36124

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Brand: Easy Model
Product Code: EM36124
Date Added: 26.08.2014
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ACS "Yagdpantser« IV Western Front 1944  
Built Models
Easy Model EM36124
Manufacturer: Easy Model


Scale: 1/72
Material: Plastic
Condition: New in Box

The Jagdpanzer IVSd.Kfz. 162, was a tank destroyer based on thePanzer IV chassis built in three main variants. As one of the casemate-style turretless Jagdpanzer (tank destroyer, literally "hunting tank") designs, it was developed against the wishes of Heinz Guderian, the inspector general of the Panzertruppen, as a replacement for theSturmgeschütz III (StuG III). Guderian objected against the needless, in his eyes, diversion of resources from Panzer IV tank production, as theStug III and Sturmgeschütz IV were still more than adequate for their role.

Officially, only the L/48-armed vehicle was named Jagdpanzer IV. The L/70-armed vehicle was named Panzer IV/70. In this article, both versions are referred to in general as Jagdpanzer IV, except in the variants and surviving vehicles section.After the Battle of Stalingrad, in September 1942 the Wehrmacht's arms bureau, the Waffenamt, called for a new standard for assault weapons: 100 mm of armor to the front, 40–50 mm on the sides, wider tracks, ground clearance of 50 cm, top speed of 26 km/h and the lowest possible firing positions. The new Panzerjager ("tank hunter") design would be armed with the same 7.5 cm gun as fitted to the Panther: thePak 42 L/70. Initially a new chassis was planned, but that of the Panzer IV had to be used.

Previous efforts to mount bigger guns on smaller chassis resulted in theMarder series as well as StuG IIIs. The Marder series were tall and had open crew compartments. The new design had a low silhouette and completely enclosed fighting compartment.Installing the much heavier Pak 42 meant that the Jagdpanzer IV was nose heavy, especially with the heavy frontal armor. This made them less mobile and more difficult to operate in rough terrain, leading their crews to nickname them Guderian-Ente "Guderian's duck". To prevent the rubber rims of the roadwheels being dislocated by the weight of the vehicle, some later versions had steel roadwheels installed on the front.

The final prototype of the Jagdpanzer IV was presented in December 1943 and production started in January 1944, with the Pak 39 L/48 armed variant staying in production until November. Production of the Pak 42 L/70 armed variants started in August and continued until March/April 1945.

On August 19–22, 1943, after the Battle of Kursk, Hitler received reports that StuG IIIs performed better than Panzer IV within certain restraints of how they were deployed. It was thus intended to stop production of the Panzer IV itself at the end of 1944 to concentrate solely on production of the Jagdpanzer IV, but the Panzer IV was in production all the way until the end of the conflict along with Jagdpanzer IV.

Jagdpanzer IV
Panzermuseum Munster 2010 0449.JPG
Jagdpanzer IV at the Deutsches Panzermuseum
Type Tank destroyer
Place of origin Nazi Germany
Production history
Produced December 1943 – April 1945
Number built about 2,000
Specifications (Jagdpanzer IV/70(V))
Weight 25.8 tonnes (28.4 short tons; 25.4 long tons)
Length 8.5 m (27 ft 11 in)
Width 3.17 m (10 ft 5 in)
Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Crew 4

Armor 10–80 mm (0.39–3.15 in)
1x 7.5 cm Pak 42 L/70
55 rounds
1x 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34
600 rounds
Engine Maybach HL 120 TRM
300 PS (296 hp, 221 kW)
Power/weight 11.63 PS/tonne
Suspension Leaf springs
210 km (130 mi)


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