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Ship model wooden Taurus (Taurus) 1/87 MAMOLI mamm67

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Date Added: 20.10.2014
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Ship model wooden Taurus (Taurus) 
1/87 scale plastic model kit
Mamoli mamm67

Manufacturer: Mamoli 
Scale: 1/87
Material: tree
Condition: New in Box

Prefabricated wooden ship model "Taurus" is made from the wood of good quality and 
different supporting materials. Housing as a monoblock, which facilitates assembly vessel. 
The body is made from a single piece of beech and he has given the right size and profile. All you need 
is to lay the deck, making the board, and set the items detailing. In this paper ispolzuyutsya woods such as Tanganyika African and dark walnut. of 
metal detailing - it anchors, grilles, boat, ladder, doors and windows, lights, eyelets, Latin yard, mooring bollards and fenders, giving the vehicle model more resemblance to the original. Also included are brass prooloka, color stencil and rigging. 
Assemble the model is not difficult, thanks to the finished body and detailed instructions for building a wooden model. 
Seagoing tugs, as Taurus, were a common sight in every American port, or in the navigable part of the coastline, at the turn of the century. Taurus used mainly for towing large ships and barges, heavy, and he did it with ease. In the 1930s, steam engines ustupilt its leading position dizilnoy drawn, and in the 1960s steam engines were no longer in demand. Several steam tugs exist today as museum relics.

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