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"Black Pearl" Captain

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Brand: Zvezda
Product Code: Zvezda 9037
Date Added: 11.03.2014
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"Black Pearl" Captain's Jack Sparrow ship
1/72 scale plastic model kit
Zvezda 9037

Manufacturer: Zvezda (Russia)
Scale: 1/200
Material: Plastic

Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box


Lightness of assembly has successfully combined with high-precision performance. The size of the model plastic ship Black Pearl is 55 cm. 895 parts need to get the model: 4 sprues with the ship"s hull, 4 sprues with a plastic sails,12 sprueswith smalldetails, rigging and armament, as well as one spruewithstained glass windows. The set also includes additional rigging wire and stand for a model ship.

The ship plastic model is sold in a magnificent, colorful package of high quality, which has a convenient handle for transportation. “The Black Pearl” is perfectly suitable for making gift for fans of the cult film and lovers of the pirate theme.

This product is licensed by and made in close cooperation with Disney. It has an incredible level of detail which has never before been seen in a plastic model of a sailing ship.

In addition to that, it is much easier to assemble than any comparable model on the market. Through the use of high-precision 3D-modelling and innovative sail-making technologies, the designers have achieved an impossible result – a highly detailed model which can be assembled by almost anyone, regardless of their level of experience!

As many experts of authority state, “The Black Pearl” is the best plastic model of a sailing ship ever produced.

The legendary pirate ship starring in “Pirates of the Carribean” epic. Under the command of brave Jack Sparrow and captain Barbossa the ship participated in countless pirates raids, engaged in a battle with the Flying Dutchman, fought the Kraken and was repeatedly cursed. This outstanding vessel sailed to the world’s end and was the flagship of the Pirate Armada. The Black Pearl was on the brink of destruction more than once, but thanks to its speed and bravery of the crew, it still majestically sails through the oceans.

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