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Krasin Icebreaker, 1918 Resin 1/700 Combrig 70237

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Brand: Combrig
Product Code: 70237
Date Added: 16.03.2014
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 Krasin Icebreaker, 1918 Resin  
Combrig 70237
High-quality details.

Manufacturer: Combrig 
Scale: 1/700
Material: Resin
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

The first icebreaker Krasin (Russian: Красин) was built for the Imperial Russian Navy as Svyatogor. She had a long, distinguished career in rescue operations, as well as a pathfinder and explorer of the Northern Sea Route. She has been fully restored to operating condition and is now a museum ship in Saint Petersburg.During the allied intervention against the Bolsheviks in Northern Russia (1918–19) she was scuttled by the Royal Navy. They raised her for use in the White Sea and later brought her to Scapa Flow for minesweeping.Perhaps the most famous duty the Krasin performed was rescuing GeneralUmberto Nobile and his surviving crew when their airship Italia crashed on the ice upon returning form the North Pole in 1928. Later in the same year, Krasinrescued the German passenger ship Monte Cervantes, with 1835 passengers on board, after it hit an iceberg and its hull was severely damaged.

In 1933 Krasin became the first vessel to reach the inaccessible northern shores of Novaya Zemlya in the history of navigation. In 1938, the Krasinrescued Icebreaker Lenin and her convoy, trapped in ice at the end of the previous summer.During World War IIKrasin participated in many Russian convoys. In 1941 the US Government entered into negotiations with the Russian Government for the purchase or lease of one or more of their modern ice breakers for use by theUS Coast Guard on the east coast of Greenland. The Krasin was offered, and crossed the Pacific to Bremerton, Washington. She was surveyed and found to be in need of repairs totalling about $500,000. Funds were allocated from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Emergency Fund for the President", but negotiations came to an abrupt end on 25 November 1941. Although the Krasinnever served in the Coast Guard, the service gained valuable knowledge about icebreakers that was put to use in the design of the Wind class icebreakers.After the war, the historic icebreaker took an active part in research expeditions in the Polar Ocean and led Soviet cargo convoys through the polar region. Rather than being destroyed (like theIcebreaker Yermak) to make way for more modern ships, the Krasin was preserved and restored. The vessel is now a museum ship in Saint Petersburg, the only icebreaker maritime museum commemorating the Arctic convoys. She has been fully restored to operating condition and there are plans to sail her to various European ports.

An island in the Nordenskiöld Archipelago was named after this icebreaker. Postage stamps and a coin have been issued in her honor.


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