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'Piranha' type Soviet midget submarine NATO 'Losos' 1/144 AMP 101

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Brand: AMP
Product Code: AMP101
Date Added: 25.06.2010
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'Piranha'  type Soviet midget submarine NATO NAME 'LOSOS'
1/144 WWII military submarine scale plastic model kit
AMP 101

Manufacturer: AMP (Ukraine)
Scale: 1/144
Material: Plastic
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

Project 865 Piranha (Russian: Проект 865 «Пиранья»), NATO reporting name "Losos", is a Russian supersmall experimental submarine.

The Losos was designed for special operations and engaging surface ships located offshore, and is thus very durable and almost completely silent.

The hull is made of a titanium alloy, reducing the effectiveness of mines.

Only two Losos class submarines were built, the MS-520 and the MS-521. Original planning called for a total of 12 Project 865 Piranya Submarine to be constructed, this was eventually reduced to 6, then just the two. Launched in 1986 and 1990, respectively, they are in reserve but are expected to soon be discarded.

Career (Russian Federation) Russian Navy Ensign
Launched: 1986
Commissioned: 1988
Fate: In reserve
General characteristics
Displacement: 218 tons surfaced, 390 tons submerged
Length: 28.2 meters long
Beam: 4.8 meters beam
Draught: 5.1 meters draft
Propulsion: diesel electric, 2 diesel – 160 (kW)propulsion motor – 60 (kW)
Speed: 6.65 knots (12 km/h) dived, 6.43 knots (12 km/h) surfaced
Test depth: 200 meters

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