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Photoetched set UH-1N, for Italeri kit 1/48 Eduard 48235

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Brand: Eduard
Product Code: Eduard 48235
Date Added: 04.04.2014
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Photoetched set  UH-1N, for Italeri kit

1/48 PHOTO-ETCHED accessories set
Eduard - 48235

Manufacturer: Eduard (Czech)
Material: Photo-Etched
Scale: 1/48
Condition: New

For many modelers use photo-etching during assembly of scale models is unbearable task. Conversely , some use it to the maximum. The majority of the likely lies somewhere in between , using photoetching with some reluctance and very ogranicheno.Davno gone are the days when sets with scale models consisted only of plastic. Modern scale models often contain a lot of detail from the resin , metal, wood and other materials in addition to traditional plastic . This means that the modeller must know how to use together parts of different materials , and perhaps one of the most difficult is the use of photo-etching .

If, after the assembly of several models " out of the box " , you start to think about how to make their models more realistic you have to resort to the use of photo-etched parts. At the moment, many companies produce kits for almost any photo-etched scale model .

This article examines all aspects of the use of photo-etched parts in the assembly of large-scale models, including the management of " step by step" on the preparation, folding , gluing and soldering photo-etched parts , which ultimately should help make your model more realistic using фототравления.Фототравленые details are tiny metallic parts obtained from a thin metal sheet in a chemical reaction. This technique allows you to " etch " a piece of metal and make flat parts of various sizes and shapes with high accuracy. Photoetching can be practiced in the home, but today , it is easier and cheaper to buy the parts you need.

Photo etched vary by material and may be made of steel , nickel , copper , and vary in thickness to be shiny and look almost as chrome or may be opaque and dull and it all depends on the starting material and the etching technique used .

Ready etched parts can be located on the frame or on a rubbery substrate :

Information set forth in the frame, typically easier to fabricate , and thus they are cheaper , but more difficult to work with them .

Details on the rubbery substrate is much more convenient , but they are more expensive and rare .

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