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Großer Kurfurst German Battleship WWI 1/350 ICM S.002

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Brand: ICM
Product Code: ICMS.002
Date Added: 11.12.2008
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Großer Kurfurst German Battleship
1/350 WWI military ship boat scale plastic model kit
ICM S.002

High-quality details.

Manufacturer: ICM Models (Ukraine)
Scale: 1/350
Material: Plastic
Number of parts: 507 parts
Length:  503 mm
Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled, Kit do not contain paints and glue.
Condition: New in Box

Großer Kurfürst was a König class battleship of the Deutschen Kaiserliche Marine (German Imperial Navy) during the First World War. She was the second ship of the German Imperial Navy to be named in honour of Friedrich Wilhelm von Hohenzollern of Brandenburg, who was known as the "Great Elector" (Großer Kurfürst in German).

SMS Großer Kurfürst was built by AG Vulcan Stettin at its shipyard in Hamburg. She was laid down in October 1911 and was launched on 5 May 1913. Following sea trials in July 1914 the ship was commissioned on 30 July 1914. She was the second of four ships in her class, the others being the SMS König, the SMS Markgraf, and the SMS Kronprinz. She cost Germany 45 million Goldmarks.

The Großer Kurfürst displaced 28,600 long tons (29,100 t) fully loaded, with a length of 175.4 m, a beam of 29.5 m and a draft of 9.19 m. She was powered by three AEG-Vulcan turbines developing 45,100 hp (33.6 MW) each, yielding a maximum speed of 21.2 knots (39.3 km/h).

She was armed with ten 305-millimetre (12 in) guns arranged in five double gun turrets: two superfiring turrets fore and aft with one turret amidships between the two funnels. Like the earlier Kaiser class battleships, the Großer Kurfürst and her sisters could deliver a full broadside using all of her main guns. Her secondary armament were fourteen 150-millimetre (5.9 in) guns, six 88-millimetre (3.5 in) guns and five 500-millimetre (20 in) underwater torpedo tubes, one in the bow and two on each beam. On commissioning she carried a crew of 41 officers and 1,095 enlisted men.

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